3 Days Akagera National Park Safari

Akagera national park

Akagera national park is known as Rwanda’s savannah vegetation park. The park is rich with the spectacular wildlife in the entire Rwanda, on a Rwanda safari Akagera national park is known as a Rwanda wildlife safari haven where the tourists can observe the Big five mammals as they are roaring in the savannah, montane, papyrus swamps in the park. Akagera national park is located in the north eastern region of Rwanda where the park orders close to Tanzania. Akagera national park derivers its name from Akagera River that flows along the eastern boundary feeding a lot of lakes in the park like Lake Ihema and among others.

Attractions in Akagera national park.


Akagera national park is known for its lots of numbers of wildlife that makes the park breathtaking. The park is dominated by various savannah vegetation that provides the habitat for the wide range of wildlife which are easily spotted on a Rwanda safari. Some of the wildlife includes the big five mammals like the lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards. Not only the big five mammals the park harbors other animal species like the zebras, eland, antelopes, impalas, bushbucks, hyenas, side stripped jackal, manogoose species, oribi and among many others. On a certain forested area of the park there are primate species that includes vervet monkeys, blue monkeys and among others.

Akagera national park

Akagera national park Wildlife

Water bodies.

It is known for its numerous numbers of the water bodies that are surrounding the park.The lakes in the park includes Lake Ihema, Lake Shakan, Lake Gishanju, Lake Mihindi, Lake Rwanyakazinga and among others. These lakes are the right spotting areas for diverse wildlife in the park including the bird species and animal species because that’s where large numbers of the animal species come to drink water hence easy spotting. Again among those lakes that’s where the tourists get to spot the hippopotamus, crocodiles and fish species.

Bird species.

Akagera national park is known and recognized as the birding site that harbors over 525 bird species. Bird species in the park can be observes in the hills, forest, swamps, and savannah plains. The bird species to be sighted includes Sacred and Hadada Ibis, Augur Buzzard, fish eagles, Grey-backes Fiscals, Fan-tailed Widowbird, Booted eagle, Cardinal quelea, Blue-spotted wood dove, Cabanis’s bunting, Papyrus gonolek, Martial eagle, Ring-necked francolin and among many others.

Activities to do in Akagera National Park.

Game drives.

Akagera national park is the best safari destination in Rwanda where the tourists can sight the huge wildlife especially the big five mammals the lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalos, other animal species to be sighted includes antelopes, impala, topi, jackals, zebras, sitatunga and among others. On Rwanda safari sighting the big five is one of the highlights in the entire country. Akagera national park offers the tourists with the different visitors with different phases of game driving that is morning, afternoon and night game drive. Night game drive offers the guests with the best safari moment where the guests can able to spot the nocturnal mammals like lions, leopards, civets, hyenas, bush babies, serval cats and among others.

Bird watching.

Akagera national park is the best destination for the bird lovers, the park boasts over 525 bird species. On a bird watching safari in the park the tourists can be able to spot bird species like Red-Faced Barbets, egrets, crowned cranes, herons, shoebill stork, shoebill stork, Swampy Fly catcher, and among others. On a safari to Akagera national park the bird lovers can have the opportunity to watch the different kinds of bird species that stay with in the park, water birds and among others.

Boat trips.

Akagera national park is the best safari experience where the tourists enjoy boat trips, this takes place on Lake Ihema the second largest lake in Rwanda. During the boat trips the tourists enjoy the cool environment in the park while enjoying the endless spotting of crocodiles, hippos and various bird species, and among other animal species along lake shores as they are drinking water. The activity takes four times a day that makes the activity to be best enjoyed.


Fishing is incredible safari activity that takes place in AKagera national park, on Lake Shakani the popular lake with variety of fish species like tilapia, cat fish and among others. On a safari in Rwanda, tourists can spend their relaxing time in the park while carrying out fishing on the lake shores and later you can cook your catch over the open bond fire at your camp site.

Hiking and guided nature walks.

Tourists who visit enjoy the hiking and nature walk adventures in the various corners of the national park, as this offers the tourists the opportunities to sight the variety of flora and fauna that is encountering animal species, bird species, trees, plants, butterflies and among others.

Walk the line hiking tour.

Akagera national park offers tourists the chance to step in the shoes of its fence attendants. Walk the line hiking tours takes 2 hours with the park guides along a 120 km perimeter fence, while checking if it’s fully secure. The walk begins that park’s entrance and visitors take through gorgeous beautiful hills in the park and end in the top of the ridge, where the tourists have the ever perfect beautiful views of the park in all three directions.

Behind the scenes.

Tourists who visit take place into the activities that manages the park, that is ‘’behind the scenes’’ tour takes the tourists through the park’s headquarters  where you meet with the staff of the park and get to know about their conservation projects within the park.

Community cultural experiences.

A Rwanda safari cannot be complete minus experiencing and visiting the communities within a near Akagera national park. The community cultural trips offers the tourists with opportunities to explore the attractive Rwandan culture and her people. During the activity visitors get to mingle with local people, learn how to milk cows on a far, learn how to make local banana beer, learning their life style and among others that makes their Rwanda safari complete.

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