Kitara Parents School

Support the locals and make a difference as we team up on the Community outreach Projects, change a life when you Book a Safari or even come meet them, At Lakeside Tours and Travel limited, Part of the Profit that we make, goes to support the local communities, some of these societies are vulnerable. With these Communities, for example The Batwa (Pygmies) are the last Short structured group of People in Uganda living in the South western corner of the country, these were regarded as the keepers of the forest, they lived in harmony together with other forest species, until they were evicted from the forest due to conservation Purposes. Most Communities living around the Conservation areas have succumbed to low standards of living in that they find it challenging to access many amenities like food, education, scholastic Materials, Hospitals among others.

What we do – Community outreach Project

Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child is the beginning of a relationship. You’ll not only help to change that child’s life, but also provide invaluable support to their family and entire community. This is why child sponsorship is an effective way to reduce poverty

Supporting Health Centres – Community outreach Project

We engage with different community Stalk holders and well wishers, to Supply some of the basic hospital requirements like Pads, Bathing soap, Mosquito nets, Glooves among others.

Volunteers – Community outreach Project

Volunteers are an important part of all community outreach activities. Lakeside Tours and Travel works handy with all based community projects to give a helping and Sustainable hand to all ongoing Projects in different sectors across the Country