Differences between Chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas

Differences between Chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas : Most of the tourists they do visit East Africa especially Uganda and Rwanda at times Democratic Republic of Congo to see these attractive endangered primates that harbors in some parks that are located in those countries. These endangered primates are the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees. And to see these animal species the tourists carry out both the gorilla trekking and the chimpanzee trekking in their habitants to encounter these animal species.

These primates make the big confusion to people to differentiate the chimpanzees and the gorillas, as mostly on a safari when the tourists are carrying out trekking they usually see the similarities between these two animal species that as well make other people to say that these primates are similar. As these primates do share the biggest percentage similarity of 90% DNA genes with the human beings. As these do some things that do relate with the humans which makes these animal species to have more similarities than the differences. This article brings you the differences between the chimpanzees and the gorillas.

Differences between chimpanzees and gorillas

Intelligence skills.

Chimpanzees are more intelligent than the mountain gorillas due to the fact that they are smaller in size but they are more intelligent. Chimpanzees are sharp animal species that are such canning and as well as tricky primates compared to mountain gorillas hence making them to be more intelligent.

Physical appearance.

Mountain gorillas are bigger and larger than the chimpanzees in size. As this is serious as they are like three or two times larger than them. As the mountain gorillas have got more pronounced arms, chests, muscles compared to those of the chimpanzees, as these have got the arms, muscles and chest that are less pronounced. On their faces the mountain gorillas are black then the chimpanzees are pink. When the mountain gorillas have got the smaller ears on the back of their heads where the chimpanzees have the larger ears as they can be seen protruding out of their heads.

Differences between Chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas

Differences between Chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas


Although the chimpanzees and the gorillas are both social animal species. But the chimpanzees are the most social ones compared to the gorillas. Take an example over individuals, the gorillas do live in the smaller groups of even not more than 40 individuals which is not a case in the chimpanzees, Differences between Chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas


Mountain gorillas are most strong animal species, that is one gorilla can even afford to carry heavy things alone, even for example if it’s like the fights to human beings the gorilla do cause big damages to the victim and even can result into their death. Where the chimpanzees are less strong but they use their power mostly to fight their enemies or any other intruder that happen to disrupt them. Thought the gorillas are known as the peaceful species that rarely starts the trouble or any fight but the chimpanzees are the troublesome and violet species that can easily start the trouble and fight a human being.


Though the chimpanzees and the gorillas do live in the rainforests, but the gorillas prefer the higher altitudes in the forests where the chimpanzees like the quite lower altitudes of the forests. This can be best noticed during the trekking safaris. As you take long to spot the gorillas where the chimpanzees you take a short time to find them. Also the gorillas prefer being on the ground where the chimpanzees prefer being in the trees most of their times.

Their movements.

Both of these primates walk upright with the help of their four limbs, though the chimpanzees can move faster than the gorillas due to the fact that the gorillas are giants and can’t easily move fast, Differences between Chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas

Leadership in their circles.

Gorillas do live in together in the different groups but with the silverback that is the dominant male that leads the females and their off springs with no males, as these can be driven out when they become mature enough. In the case of the chimpanzees they also live in the groups where you find more males in their groups as these they normally take off the leadership at any time.


Both the gorillas and the mountain gorillas are herbivores as they feed on the leaves, fruits, on the other hand the chimpanzees can feed on small animals at times that makes abit different from gorillas they can be described as the omnivorous then the gorillas stays the only herbivores as they do not feed on any animal specie as their diet.

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