How to travel on a Budget Safari to Uganda

How to travel on a Budget Safari to Uganda : Have you been wondering how to travel without spending too much money, of course traveling costs money but there are ways to travel without going overboard, below are some of the best tips to save you money while traveling on a Budget Uganda Safaris and other Uganda Safari Destinations.

The main key point about traveling without spending too much is by knowing your costs in advance. This helps you to plan ahead. This means that start planning months or a year in advance. Know your expenses for example estimate the hotels, transportation as well as meals. By this, you will see how much your holiday will cost. The best way of budgeting for any Uganda Safari is to divide the costs by the number of months left before the trip. This makes it easy for you to save a particular amount per month before your safari.

What to consider while on a Budget Safari to Uganda

Always consider shoulder season; it’s know that tourism is divided in seasons; these include; the high season of march, April and October as well as November. During these shoulder seasons, the weather is not bad and the hotels and flights are cheaper as well as the cities are not so much crowded with the tourists. You can as well access the tourist attractions much easier on your  Budget Uganda Safari.

Always book early or make last minute bookings; the flights are always cheap when booked in advance or at a last minute hour. The last minute bookings allow you travel without spending too much money. And in case you have this opportunity, please take advantage of this since it can save a lot of money on your safari.

How to travel on a Budget Safari to Uganda

Uganda Budget Safaris

Always take off the beaten paths. There are vital great places to visit off the beaten path that cost little of the well-known tourist attractions. In Uganda it can be okay to stay in small towns outside the main city and take a taxi into the town in the morning. In Uganda, some companies offer home stays which are cheap and amazing. This is a perfect way of avoiding spending too much money when traveling on a budget. A bus can take you to the main tourist destination in western Uganda, How to travel on a Budget Safari to Uganda.

End ever to make money while Traveling;

you can do this by volunteering, if you consider yourself to be part of the big community and would like to do something to become better, you can teach English. You can also decide to work remotely, take stock photographs, you can buy local products and sell them online, decide to work on farms of other people or become a Guide buddy of an attraction,How to travel on a Budget Safari to Uganda.

Try to consider all the inclusive options;

in case you have the option of choosing an all-inclusive, please go for it. This is an ideal way to avoid spending too much money. It makes budgeting for your trip so easy because you don’t have to worry about all the extra costs like food and drinks. With the accommodation in Uganda, it’s always better to choose full board basis. This is due to the absence of restaurants inside the Uganda national parks.

You can travel by using public Transport;

In case you are traveling to the major tourist attractions, check online for timetables, maps and routes. This is more efficient and pretty cheap. You can decide to buy a two-way ticket on a bus to avoid spending too much money on travel.

As you travel, avoid tourist traps, you can decide to avoid visiting highly priced attractions. This depends on the entrance fees and you go for the same attraction buy with low entrance fees. With buying of souvenirs, always avoid shops at the destination point. Always opt for far distanced supermarkets that might be selling same product but at a cheaper price.

Remember to always use social media, before you decide to go to a place you have never visited before. Check the travel groups on Facebook and ask for the recommendations on what to visit or where to go and how to travel there. People who travel are more than happy to give you a lot of tips that will save you time and money, How to travel on a Budget Safari to Uganda.

How to travel on a Budget Safari to Uganda

How to travel on a Budget Safari to Uganda

Keep the spending of money down and eat like the locals;

Always stay away from restaurants that sell international dishes and opt for the local food shops. These are are shared by the local people since their food is cheaper most times. By eating the local dishes, you will be able to travel more without spending too much extra money.

Always check your travel insurance; Your insurance cover with work or your credit card will cover for the medical problems as you travel in far countries. This means that check with your insurer what the coverage is while traveling to avoid instant surprises. In case you don’t have a travel insurance package, you can shop around in different places. There are some places that offer travel insurance at a lower price.

You can as well reduce travel spending by using points, with this you can collect loyalty points with your Airline or the credit card, it’s a great way of saving money with flights, hotels and car rentals.

With the above points, you can save a lot of money while traveling.

Contact Lakeside Tours and Travel Uganda Ltd and they help you to prepare for you an ultimate Uganda Rwanda Safari memory with the least costs available. This will give you an amazing Budget Safari to Uganda.

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