Murchison Falls National Park Fees

 Murchison Falls National Park Fees : The entrance fees are majorly determined and regulated by the uganda wildlife authority [UWA]. This information is documented properly in the park entry fees document or on the UWA website. With the Murchison falls national park entry fee only allows a tourist to have access to the restricted area and hence doesn’t guarantee all the activities in the park. The activities are also priced according to the nature and activity.

Murchison falls national park is known to be the largest park in Uganda. The park is located 90 kilometers from Masindi town which is situated in the north of the Albertine rift valley. The national park is crossed into two sects that is the Victoria Nile in the northern part of Chobe and southern part of paraa. The national parks name was got from its major attraction which are the Murchison falls and hence Murchison falls national park.


These are divided into various categories that is to say entrance for each person, vehicles, aircrafts among others. The individual entrance fee is later divided depending on the guest’s status. This is what is used to charge the tourists as follows;

A foreign resident guest is supposed to pay 30 USD, a foreign nonresident pays 40 USD and for the east African community is uganda shillings 20,000. For the children they pay 20 USD for foreigner’s nonresidents, 10 USD for foreign residents and 5000 for east African citizen respectively.

Ugandan pupils or students in a group pay 3000shillings per head and tertiary/ universities pay 5,000 ugx, Uganda wildlife clubs pay 2000 shillings.

 These are independent of the activities and other services within Murchison falls national park. These also depend on the number of days an individual is spending in the park.


An individual can decide to pay for a whole year which is also called annual entry fee. This is only applicable to the east African citizens and foreign residents. Hence the foreign residents are to pay 350 USD and 150,000 for the east African citizens.

 Murchison Falls National Park Fees

 Murchison Falls National Park

Families with four children are entitled to pay 700USD and 300,000 shillings for the citizens of east Africa.

For a corporate group or company, a fee of 1500 USD for foreign residents and 2.5 million shillings for the east African community as annual charge.

The Uganda safari guides are entitled to a fee of 100,000 annually for them to enter the national park.

The drivers also pay 100,000 shillings annually for them to enter the national park but the tour company drivers aren’t supposed to pay any fee to the park and other national parks.

The tour operators who are foreign residents are charged a fee of 50USD as annual entry charge and the east African community pay a fee of 125000 shillings.


This charge is also attached depending on the type of the car, size and time it’s to be in the park. For the saloon car for the foreign residents is 5 USD, 40 USD for the foreign nonresidents and the registered vehicles for the east Africans is 20,000 shillings.

And for the mini buses and registered for foreign nonresidents are 50 USD, 10 USD for the foreign residents and 30,000 for the east African community.

Pick-ups and four-wheel cars are charged 50 USD, 15 USD and 30,000 respectively and finally the air crafts are charged with a fee of 50,000 shillings for parking which is applied to all for all air strips in the national parks. For the aircraft the pilots are not charged if at all they spend only 2minutes within the park plus the vehicle entry fees are independent of the entry fees of the passengers in it.



Day game drive

For foreign nonresidents pay 30 USD per person, east African citizens pay 30,000ugx per person and foreign residents pay 20 USD.

Night game drive

Foreign nonresidents pay 30 USD per person as well as the foreign residents. The east African citizens pay 30,000 UGX per person.

The Uganda wildlife executive buses are to pay 800,000 per day which includes the driver minus fuel. While the minimum charge for a game drive vehicle is equivalent to 3 persons,  Murchison Falls National Park Fees


Day nature walk

Foreign nonresidents pay 15USD per person, foreign residents pay 15 USD per person, and east African citizens pay 10,000 UGX per person.

Night nature walks

Foreign nonresidents pay 40 USD per person, foreign residents pay 20 USD per person and east African citizens pay 1000 UGX per person.


Foreign nonresidents pay 30USD, foreign residents 30UGX and 30,000 UGX per person

School group are charged 10,000 UGX per person

School group are charged 350,000 UGX per group

Launch cruise takes 45 people and it takes 2 hours, minimum boat charge for foreign residents is 120 USD and 120,000 UGX for 4 citizens of Uganda.


Foreign nonresidents pay 30 USD as well as foreign residents per person and east African citizens pay 10,000 UGX per person.


Foreign nonresidents pay 15 USD, 10 USD for foreign residents per person and 1,000UGX per person


Foreign nonresidents pay 50 USD per person for a day, 150 USD for 4 days and 300USD for annual fishing permit.


The east African community citizens come with their national identification cards at all the entrances for permission to be granted.

The foreign nonresidents come along with their passports for them to be granted access to the national park.

The foreign residents pass by with their work permits valid for one year to enter into the national park.

Therefore, the Murchison falls national park entry fees are made by Uganda wildlife authority and are categorized basing on the type of payments. However, all activities in the park are charged per individual besides the entry fees.

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