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The 3 Days Chimpanzee Tracking Safari Rwanda starts and ends in Kigali capital city of Rwanda. Nyungwe Forest has a large concentration of primates in Rwanda and will be our tour destination on this safari. Nyungwe Forest has 13 species of primate; among these we have chimpanzee and large groups of Rwenzori colobus. Nyungwe forest also boasts a rich bird life which is more than 300 bird species; you will also find orchids and butterflies among other attractions. Nyungwe’s biodiversity is astonishing by African standards and is one of the most endemic species-rich areas in Africa.

Trip Summary

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kigali – Transfer to Nyungwe
  • Day 02: Primates Tracking in Nyungwe Forest – Rwanda
  • Day 03: Nature tour – Return to Kigali – Departure

Day 1: Arrival in Kigali – Transfer to Nyungwe

Meet your safari guide and transfer to Nyungwe forest national park by road.this jouney will take you between 5-9 hours drive. Overnight at Nyungwe forest lodge (FB)

Day 2: Primates Tracking in Nyungwe Forest – Rwanda

Unlike in Uganda where chimpanzee tracking starts late morning, in Rwanda it starts as early as 5:00am you will set off to search for these primates, Viewing them on the steep slopes of Nyngwe forest is quite challenging but the park guides are well experienced and very knowledgeable about most of Nyungwe’s wildlife. The guides shall provide you with all the useful information about the primates in Nyungwe forest; chimpanzee lifestyle, feeding, reproduction among other details.

Among the primates you are to track in Nyungwe forest include; chimpanzees, L’Hoest’s monkey, golden monkeys, large troops of the Angola Colobus, vervet monkeys, Silver Monkey, Hamlyn’s Monkey, Red-tailed Monkey, Dent’s Mona Monkey, Olive Baboon, Grey-cheeked Mangabeys. You will later return to your lodge for late breakfast.

Day 3: Nature tour – Return to Kigali – Departure

Morning breakfast and Embark on your trip to Kigali for your flight back home with lunch en route.

End of the 3 Days Chimpanzee Tracking Safari Rwanda.

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