Sezibwa Falls in Uganda

Sezibwa Falls in Uganda

Sezibwa falls in Uganda are found on the Sezibwa River. This river is located in the central region of Buikwe district near Ngogwe town. This is over 30 kilometers from Kampala capital city of Uganda along Jinja road. The name was formed from the Luganda word “sizibwa kkubo” meaning “my path cannot be blocked”. These falls are among the Top Best Waterfalls in Uganda.

Sezibwa falls in Uganda – History of the waterfalls:

This waterfall is believed to have been born by a human being who was expecting twins but only to give birth to two water bodies one is Sezibwa and the other is Mobeya.

The mother is called Nakangu Tebatuusa and the father was Nsubuga Sebwato who lived hundreds of years ago and belonged to the Achibe clan. The falls are one of the most visited places by traditional leaders for several rituals yearly. Geologists and a few scientists usually come around for study and research.
Sezibwa waters start from the wetlands between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga, west of the Victoria Nile and it flows in the north direction into Lake Kyoga.

It is approximately 150 kilometers from the source to the end of it. The river flows through Mukono District and enters the Kayunga district. Its source is in the Buikwe district. The waters are marked with extensions of sharp-edged rocks and striking soothing waters flowing down the steep ridged stones. The falls on this river are 7 meters high.

Wildings found in the forest surrounding Sezibwa Falls include; bush monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, and primates including; galagos, and lorisids, and the haplorhines and birds including; the bee hummingbird and many others.

Activities done in Sezibwa Falls

Rock climbing

This activity is a sport in that participants climb up, across, or down natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The goal is to reach the peak of formations or the end point of a usually pre-defined route without falling off the rocks. This activity is physically and mentally demanding, it needs when you are in very good condition and ready to get tired because it needs a lot of energy. One who has tested it knows that you need to balance mental control and strength to do it. You need proper equipment for climbing which makes it safe for the completion of routes, Sezibwa Falls in Uganda.

Sezibwa Falls in Uganda

Sezibwa Falls

Bird watching

This activity is usually done in the morning when you observe different species of birds and their behavior when flying while using naked eyes or visual enhancement devices like telescopes etc and by listening to bird sounds.
Most bird watchers go for this activity for social reasons but scientists usually engage in the study of birds.

Camp and picnic

This is usually done by couples, a group of friends who want to take their time off work. Sezibwa falls is located near Kampala city and has good camping grounds which makes it one of the best things that attract travelers who want to camp in quiet places with only the sound of the water flowing off the clip and the sounds of different species of birds,Sezibwa Falls in Uganda.

Village walks

Tourists from different areas or countries come all the way to purposely encounter local villagers to experience traditional life homes and dances too. The place also acts as a ground for fieldwork students and research too, Sezibwa Falls in Uganda.

Photo shoots or video shoots

This is a very nice place to take fantastic photos and videos because of the good views of the waterfalls and the rocks, the beautiful green environment and trees. Nature brings beauty to the photos.

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