siipi falls in kapchorwa

Siipi Falls in Kapchorwa

Siipi Falls are found in the eastern region of Uganda in Kapchorwa district and its over 277 kilometers from Kampala to the falls and it’s also over 326 kilometers from Entebbe airport to the falls. Siipi falls are near the Kenyan border to Uganda and they are also found on the edge\foothills of Mountain Elgon national park. The Siipi name came from the word “sep” which is a name of a wild banana-like indigenous plant that grows along the banks of Siipi River. The wild banana-like indigenous plant is used as medicine for treating fevers and measles by local people who live around the area.
Siipi falls is made of three waterfalls and each flows from a different altitude. The highest falls among these three drops from an altitude of 100m and it’s the biggest among them. Rumor says that Siipi Falls is the most romantic falls in Uganda because of the beauty that lies on it. The climate around the falls is very cool since it’s a hilly area. Sometimes people that go there for hiking find rain and usually it becomes very hard to hike and it’s also another experience on its own. In most cases, Siipi Falls is available for chilling and relaxing your mind.
Sabiny and Bagishu are the people who stay around the area and they are too hospitable to people. They do farming mostly such as growing Arabica coffee the main cash crop in this land, this coffee is grown on altitudes between 1600 meters and 1900 meters above sea level. Tourists are also allowed to come look around on their plantations which is mostly organized by the local leaders of the area. Siipi falls are considered as one of the top safari destinations to visit in Uganda

Activities done at Siipi Falls.

Abseiling\Rock climbing

Siipi falls is the top-ranked destination for abseiling in Uganda.
These are done at the main waterfall well equipped with rappels with a well-trained guide to take you through this amazing adventure.


When it comes to hiking, Siipi Falls are located along the cliffs-dominated foothills of Mountain Elgon. And Siipi Falls has three different waterfalls which can’t be seen at the same time, so to experience all three waterfalls, you have to hike to each of the waterfalls. They all have steep spots and rocks that give a bit of a challenge especially when it rains.

Local experience of Coffee processing

The slopes of Mountain Elgon is where Siipi Falls are found and the coffee (Arabica) is grown too by the locals. You get the chance to join the household where you are taken through a learning process of coffee growing to the local way of processing it. Which is the key income to the local community.

Cave adventuring

Siipi falls have amazing caves for adventure, this adventure brings you to a cluster of caves on the cliff above Siipi River. The largest cave extends for some kilometers into the rock face. This roc has rich mineral salt deposits that have clearly been worked extensively at some time in the past. The salt in these caves was helpful to the cows in terms of digestion and increase milk production. In the 1980s, people were also living inside the cave with their cattle and goats. Local farmers collected manure to use as fertilizers for their coffee, onions, and cabbage farms that came from the caves which also took part in growing the farming industry.

Sunrise and sunset walk

This walk is done very early in the morning and late in the evening before sunset. Tourist love doing it and you get to see different kinds of bird species and other wild animals. Birds move from the nests to go out to look for food and later on come back in the evening to rest. You get see different wildings and their way of living.

Bird watching

Siipi Falls is ideal for Uganda short birding tours because Mountain Elgon’s bird species is a starting point to the birds the fly along Mountain Elgon National Park.

Local cultural experiences.

Kapchorwa is the land of Sabin people who are very friendly and welcoming tribe with rich ancient cultures. They are most popular for circumcision of men and women. The women’s circumcision is no longer existing there after the massive worldwide campaign against this practice viewed as very unfavorable and disadvantageous to women. For the men, the circumcision ritual is still an interesting cultural event one can witness and take part in. Local dances are also organized by the community for there culture.

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