where to buy souvenirs on a uganda safari

Where to buy Souvenirs on a Uganda Safari

Where to buy Souvenirs on a Uganda Safari: The Ugandan government has emphasized people do a lot of handmade things that have put our country among the top across East Africa. So, if you were wondering on Where to buy Souvenirs on a Uganda Safari, worry no more, as this country has a lot of hand-crafted things like shoes, bangles, necklaces, drums, west bids, baskets, weaving, and many more.

Craft shops are all over the country but most of them are in Kampala, Entebbe, and in the western region next to Uganda national parks. Getting a souvenir or gift to gift to someone from Africa (Uganda) reminds you of your visit to this beautiful savannah-rich country. Some of the places that sell such include;

Buganda Road Arts and Craft Village

This craft shop is one of the places Where to buy Souvenirs on a Uganda Safari, located behind the National Theatre in Kampala and it has a variety of handmade things from wood carvings to leather items, shirts and nice-looking dresses from our country, wooden chairs and small tables in a format of a wildlife scene. Buganda road art and craft village is one of the first and oldest craft shops in Kampala where you can get yourself plenty of handmade staff. All the handmade things at this shop are affordable to all kinds of people but remember that whatever you will buy is originally made from Uganda and it will last for a while in a good condition, Where to buy Souvenirs on a Uganda Safari.

Exposure Africa

This is the biggest and leading art and craft market around Kampala and it is located alongside Buganda Road. Most of the things sold in Exposure Africa are Ugandan-made with hands and a few from Kenya. As for tourists, you will get plenty of small portable things that you will want to buy because Exposure Africa got you sorted.

Where to buy Souvenirs on a Uganda Safari

Souvenirs on a Uganda Safari

Friday Craft Market

Friday Craft Market happens every Friday of the week alongside Ggaba Road which sells plenty of handmade things. Before or after your Uganda Safari, you can pass by to get yourself a souvenir to remember about your trip to Uganda. In most cases, things that are sold in this market are sold by the real people who made the item and they can even explain to you the background of an item or the reason why he or she came up with it to give you a clear explanation about what you’re taking home,Where to buy Souvenirs on a Uganda Safari.

Craft Shop Buhoma

These craft shops are located in the Buhoma sector in Bwindi impenetrable national park. You don’t have to move for long before you get to see these shops in the western part of the buhoma section in Bwindi. The shops have plenty of gorilla-shaped handmade sculptures that are portable to carry. The people that work in these shops are community members who have lived around this place for a while. Some of them make the craft themselves others buy from the hand makers and sell to tourists. Not only gorilla-shaped images but other images too of all kinds of wild animals in the park. You can buy these on a 3 day gorilla trekking to bwindi safari

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