Mount Karisimbi

Mount Karisimbi : Mount Karisimbi is a feature safari attraction on a Rwanda safari. This is known as an inactive volcano situated in the Virunga ranges that is on a border of Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, next to Mount Bisoke and Mount Nyiragongo, then Mount Mikeno. And if you’re planning for your Rwanda safari, put it in your minds that Mount Karisimbi is the Virunga Mountain on which research institute of Karisoke name was delivered after when combined with Mount Bisoke.

Mount Karisimbi is the highest mountain range in the Virunga massif and ranked as the 6th highest mountain in Africa with the crater called Muntango that has got over 100 cones that are connected to Lake Kivu. Mount Karisimbi stands on the elevation of about 4,507 meters above the sea level.

Mount Karisimbi is such astonishing since it’s always the snowcapped mountain through the year hence called ‘’Amasimbi’’ by the locals that means ‘’snow’’ or ‘’white shell’’ in the local Kinyarwanda language that makes it the famously mountain in Rwanda. The Branca caldera is as well located in Karimbi volcano with lots of the explosionbreccia’s pumices and the tuffas.

Nature lovers that are interested in hiking Mount Karimbi boasts the volcanic cores at the summit, with dense forests, exotic plants the average thickness of the lava that is between 40 to 60 meters and also the maximum thickens is about 140 meters. And the longest lava flow is 12 kilometers long that covers an area of about 24 kilometers squared, this is the safari moments where you feel the lot to loose rock and the volcanic ash.

On a Rwanda Gorilla safaris you will spot the adventive cones on Mount Karisimbi that are higher than those of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Mauna Kea volcanoes and Etna and others. When the travelers reach the summit of Mount Karisimbi, they get to have the wonderful view of the most world’s active volcanoes the gorgeous Mount Karisimbi.

Hiking safari on Mount Karisimbi.

Hiking safari starts early in the morning around 7:00 am. The hikers start with the actual climb after the briefing by the park guide. Hiking safari on Mount Karisimbi takes two days to complete the round trip with the ascent and descent with the beginning at the bottom of Mount Bisoke. In your 7 hour ascent you will have a stopover at an altitude of about 3,700 meters that the mid-way where you pitch tent for dinner and your overnight stay.

Then the early in the morning the next day you can be strong, served with a cup of coffee/tea then next day will get at the mountain’s summit.

Due to the fact that Mount Karisimbi is full of snow at its summit the temperatures of the mountain can freeze to 00 during the early morning and during the night. So the hiking lovers the best time to hike Mount Karisimbi is especially during the dry season during the months of June to August this is where you will have the breathtaking views for the areas landscape and observing the different features surrounding the serene environment. During the period that when you can be free from any disruption of the rain, muddy so the hiking trails can be favorable and easily passable.

On your Rwanda safari going to explore and hike mount Karisimbi is not the only safari activity that takes places in Volcanoes national park there are other interesting safari activities that you can add in your itinerary where the travelers can engage themselves to have the fantastic safari moments as the following,

Gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking is the most exciting activity that take place in the Virunga ranges in Volcanoes National Park where you can be given one hour to be with the presence of the gorillas in their habitants. This is also important part of your safari that makes your Rwanda Gorilla safari colorful, that will also make your visit to the Karisoke research center where Dian Fossey grave is located who was well-known researcher that dedicated several areas of her life when conducting research on the mountain gorillas in the area, is located.

Mount Karisimbi

Rwanda Trekking Tours

Bird watching.

Virunga ranges being with in the presence of much vegetation that where various bird species do inhabit. More so these can be endemic to Albertine regions this is where you can have the chance to sight the bird species including the grey backed fiscal, African fish eagle, spur winged lapwings and among others.

Best time to Hike Mount Karismbi.

Mount Karisimbi is best hiked during the dry season in the months of January, February, March, July, August, September, October in these months that’s when the hiking trails can be dry and easily passable that makes the safari activity very perfect. During that time that when you get to see the snow that covers the peak of the volcano which on the contrary cannot be seen during the wet rainy season.

Mount Karisimbi can be hiked in Volcanoes national park on a Rwanda Hiking safari and Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of Congo then Uganda in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. On the hiking safari to Mount Karisimbi it needs when you are equipped with essentials like garden gloves, rain coats, snacks, insect repellents, warm clothing, bottled drinking water, rain coats, hiking stick and others. With the presence of the porters that offer you a help in carrying your luggage up to the summit of the mountain at a friendly price.

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