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Are you bored with your daily life’s hustling bustling routine? The concrete buildings and roads, malls, and horns of vehicles are irritating you? Well, that is what drives 1.3 million people crazy about planning a safari trip to Rwanda.

Officially known as the Republic of Rwanda, it is a tiny country in the heart of Central Africa. The country acquires only 26,338 km2 land on the African continent. Despite its size, it’s been one of the popular tourist destinations of the African continent due to its natural blessings.

The country is located a few degrees south of the equator and surrounded by some well-known safari countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The subtropical climate of the country is home to the varied landscape including savannah field to forest swathed mountains. Known as the land of thousand hills and million smiles, the country is truly a mesmerizing corner of the earth.

Rwanda offers a great view of mountain, lush rainforest, few iconic national parks, and great lakes. However, the heroes among all the charm are the mountain gorillas of the country. The incredible gorillas residing in the Volcano national park is one stop for all the safari visitors of Rwanda.

These unique species are one of the intelligent mammal species after humans as they share 98% DNA with humans. Come and fall in love with these giant, sociable, and shy species. Most of the times they are spotted doing activities like humans. You can witness some of the humans like activities like hugging, kissing, showing love to their young, and using small tools in daily lives,

Rwanda has 450 gorillas out of the 900 gorillas left in the world. You can spot most of them in the Volcano national park located in a small village called Musanze previously well-known as Ruhengeri.

While going for a gorilla trekking in Rwanda, make sure to get prepared for the gorilla trekking well. The gorillas in the national park stay mostly in the bamboo forest. So dress accordingly to meet them.

Here are few tips for your Rwanda Gorilla Trekking to make it hassle-free;


Pack your bag with only necessary items to avoid carrying extra weight luggage. Make sure to pack the following items;

  • Long trousers
  • Full sleeved dresses
  • Hiking boot,
  • A rain jacket (it is likely to meet unexpected rainfall)
  • A thin warm jacket
  • Mosquito repellant
  • A without flash camera
  • Hat, sunglass, and sunscreen
  • A medical kit will be useful


Well, to be honest, you can plan a trip to Rwanda at any time in the year. However, the dry season of the country is considered as the best time to plan a gorilla trekking. The dry season continues through June to October and the short dry season is mid-December to early February. During this time you are likely to face very less or no rainfall and the trail ways are less muddy.


Gorilla Permits are paper that allows the travelers to go in the dense forest of Rwanda to meet the mountain gorillas. A gorilla trekking permit for Rwanda cost $1500 per person.

With over years of experience and arranging many successful gorilla trekking trips, we are one of the front-liners safari companies in Rwanda. To organize a life-time and memorable trip in Rwanda just get in touch with us.

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