Uganda is arguably one of the leading Safari destination in Africa, rich in culture, its abundant wildlife, and numerous bird species seen all around the year in it’s both Savannah and forest Parks making it a prime destination for most of the visitors. Its location attracts most of the Bird species and wildlife species and the inviting serene habitats in its diversified ecosystem made of a combined woodland and grassland.

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, and shares its rich cuisines with her neighboring countries, bordered by Kenya in the East, South Sudan to the North, and the democratic republic of Congo to the west, Rwanda to the south-west and Tanzania to the south. Uganda being a touristic hub and in the middle of these prominent countries, there I s much to share, from the huge Paradox of Volcanoes National Park that hosts the endangered Mountain Gorillas, shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, to the One of the most famous African savannas is Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, known for its large wildebeest and zebra populations.

Uganda Wildlife Highlights and Tourism Conservation

Uganda boosts over 60 protected areas, all open for tourism, With the most Visited that include; Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Kibale National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Mount Elgon National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Semuliki National Park.

Uganda being a favorite destination for nature lovers, there is lots not to be missed, from the Mouth-watering gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park, to the tangled ancient trees stretched away from the crinkly Savannah floor that are a home to Uganda’s most large land mammals, including elephants, giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, buffalo, lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Other animals include baboons, crocodiles, antelopes, meerkats, ants, termites, kangaroos, ostriches, and snakes. With bird Watching Uganda Safari being a real highlight for bird lovers, with more than 1,000 species recorded throught the year.

Other Parks not to be missed include, Kibale National Park which a fine spot for chimpanzee tracking Safari and birding tours, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks offer Serene Savannah wildlife safaris with good wildlife viewing that present the Big Five, as does the more remote Kidepo Valley National Park in the Nothern part of the Country. With most of the parks offering.

The best time for wildlife viewing is in the Dry season (December to February and June to September). Some of the roads are impassable during the rainy seasons (September to November and March to May). Gorilla can be tracked year-round, but the experience can be spoiled – to some extent – by heavy rain in the Wet season.

Uganda Safaris are agatwway experience to cover your fun, we know how it feels, and we understand crafting the best experience to meet the cost of your Safari. Amazingly,the best time for wildlife viewing or the best time to visit Uganda can be any time, whether it’s during the rainy seasons that tend to make the roads impassable or not. We have 4 wheel Drive Vehicles designed for an African Safari.

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