long ugada safari tours
Uganda Rwanda safaris can often be long, stretching over several days, or they can be shorter safaris that focus on one area of the country. No matter what length you choose, a Ugandan Uganda safari tours will offer a unique and memorable experience.
Let’s take a look at some of the long safari tours tours to Uganda . There are many different Uganda safari tours to choose from, but the longest safaris can stretch even to 30 Days from Kampala to almost all of the Top Safari Tour Attractions in Uganda. These trips includes a chance to see both the endangered mountain gorillas and the critically endangered black rhinos, the top best waterfalls in Uganda,  Top Uganda Tourist Towns and many more of Uganda’s tourist destinations.
Long Uganda Safari Tours can be Budget, Mid range or even luxurious safaris in Uganda, but they all will take you on a journey of a lifetime. From the far western impenetrable forests of Bwindi to the rolling green hills of Busogaa, there is much to see and enjoy on a Uganda safari. If you’re looking for a memorable safari that will leave you feeling both exhausted and fulfilled, Uganda is the perfect destination. With over 600 kilometers of pristine wilderness, there’s plenty of opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat. From luxurious long safaris to unique village safaris, we have the perfect itinerary for you.
Many people take safaris to Africa in order to see the great animal populations, but few people take the time to explore the land around them. One of the most interesting regions in Uganda to visit is the long safari tours offered by Lakeside Tours and Travel Ltd. These tours last anywhere from a week to a month and explore remote areas of Uganda. They are perfect for those who want to see some of the most beautiful wildlife in Africa, as well as learn about the culture and history of the region.

Some of the Most Popular Long Uganda Safari Tours

Imagine combining gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that has half of the endangered mountain gorillas in the whole world with chimpanzee trekking or Habituation experience in Kibale National Park Read More  

Our 6 days Uganda wildlife and chimpanzee trekking safari, lets you visit some of the prominent parks in the western part of Uganda including Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest known for Chimpanzees and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Read More  

For a blend of Gorilla trekking encounters, diverse Wildlife safaris and cruise excursions in Uganda, this is a fantastic Package you should not miss for your Uganda holiday vacations. It starts and ends in Entebbe. Read More  

Discover Uganda’s Wildlife and Primates as you book for the 7 days Queen Elizabeth and primates trekking safari. You will visit Bwindi for Gorillas, Kibale for Chimps and Queen Elizabeth for diverse Wildlife species. Read More  

Take this Uganda Safari vacation for a visit to Uganda’s top exciting Parks in the Western part of Uganda. Varying from Wildlife, cruise expeditions, Gorilla encounters to endless panoramic views of the landscapesRead More  

The 7 Days Uganda and Rwanda gorilla and Cultural tour gives you a chance to see the mountain gorillas in both countries, together with a feel of their different ethnic cultural activities like music dance and drama. Read More  

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9 Days Wildlife Safari is a thrilling Uganda Holiday Package crafted to include Uganda’s mouthwatering Safari Activities not to miss when you are planning a Uganda Safari like white water rafting along the Nile RiverRead More  

This 9 Days Classic Chimpanzee and Gorilla Safari in Uganda gives you the feel of not only these closest cousins of man- Uganda Chimpanzees, but endless insights in the Open Savannah Uganda Parks Read More  

This 9 Day Mt Rwenzori Hiking is an exciting Uganda Safari as the Mountains are fascinating in the western Rift valley one of the country’s prime attractions with lakes and jagged  block mountains known as the “mountains of the moon”.Read More  

This 10 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari is a rewarding Uganda Holiday Package crafted for those who hunger for a glimpse of Uganda’s Wildlife Savannah insights and Uganda Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National ParkRead More  

This 10 Day Uganda Safari is a sure deal to discover the bush and wildlife experience in Uganda; all the action shall be in western Ugandan among thick forests and wide Savannah grasslands filled with lots of wild animals.Read More  

This 10 Day Uganda Safari takes you to Uganda Wildlife, Cycling and Hiking around Mt Rwenzori and all the action shall be in western Ugandan among thick forests and wide Savannah grasslands filled with lots of wild animals.Read More  

11 days gorilla and wildlife safari is one of the iconic Uganda Safari packages, crafted for all Holiday Makers that Opt to go for a gorilla trekking Safari, Wildlife Safari and other Insights around the top Visited destinations.Read More