Best Time To See Gorillas In Rwanda

Best time to see gorillas in Rwanda: This is the first though that you should think when they talk about gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Rwanda is known as the land of the thousand hills in simple way this is the Switzerland of Africa, the country is located in the central part of Africa and it’s bordered by the countries like Uganda, Burundi, Congo and Tanzania. Rwanda is a beautiful haven safari destination with the gorgeous Rwanda safaris activity. Rwanda gorilla trekking that attracts various tourists from every corner of the world to the country for gorilla trekking. Because the mountain gorillas are the man’s closet related creature that shares 98% DNA genes with the human beings. This article brings you the perfect time to carry out gorilla trekking on  Rwanda safaris.

Gorilla trekking takes place in Rwanda specifically in Volcanoes National and the activity takes place in two different ways that is the peak season or the high season and also the low season or rainy season as the following,

High season.

June to September.

June to September is known as the longest dry season in Rwanda, and it’s recognized as the best time to sight the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park Rwanda. Therefore during that period that’s when the trekking trails can be easily passable and not slippery that offers best gorilla trekking. The travelers willing to do gorilla trekking during that period it needs when you book your gorilla trekking permits in advance like 3 months before as these can be high demand of the permits during the time. In this period that’s when the vegetation in the park can be thin and short which offers tourists with the gorgeous and viewing of the gorillas. Tourists who would wish to carry out gorilla trekking in the high season are requested to carry sun glasses, sun screens, and binoculars for bird lovers.

December to February.

Between December to February is also known as the best time to do gorilla trekking in Rwanda. As this is short dry season in Rwanda and also it’s one of the best safari moments when the tourists should come and carry out gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Again in this period that’s when the Volcanoes national park where gorilla trekking takes places can be less crowded hence easily having the best trekking safari moments in Rwanda. This is the right time for gorilla trekking together as being the period when the migratory bird species happen to be in the country, hence this rewards with the trekkers to sight the colorful bird species as they carry out gorilla trekking.

Low season.

April to May.

April to May is known as the longest rain season in Rwanda even at times this goes beyond and it limits you with chances of carrying out gorilla trekking. Though during this period the vegetation in the Volcanoes national park in Rwanda tends to overgrow hence the gorillas can be spread nearer in the different areas so when you reach the destination it can be very easy for you to carry out gorilla trekking. No matter the trekking trails can be slippery and muddy you are reminded to carry with protective clothing like rain jackets, sweater, garden gloves, insect repellents, water proof hiking boots that guides you carry out proper gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda.

During this period that’s when you can be few in the groups and thus the park guides can give you much attention and answer immediately the questions asked. And also during this period that when the trekkers can be offered the chances of the discounts on the accommodations due to the fact that the travelers can be less in numbers.

Best Time To See Gorillas In Rwanda

Best Time To See Gorillas In Rwanda

October and November.

October and November is the period of the short rains in Rwanda. In this period that when the tourists experience interesting gorilla trekking as in the period it’s when the tourists enjoy photography opportunities, together with birding safaris as that’s when the plants can be flowering that experiences you witbthe wonderful gorilla trekking experiences.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is only done by the individuals that are above 15 years of age and for one to access Rwanda gorilla trekking safari it needs when you acquire the gorilla trekking permit that costs USD 1500 for all the seasons either the low season or the high season. After your long day of gorilla trekking you will be provided with the suitable accommodation that ranges from Budget, to mid-range and then to luxury that offers you the quality service.

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