Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is the top leading safari destination on a Rwanda safari. The park is located in the northwest of Rwanda, the park is protected by the steep slopes of the spectacular mountain range that harbors the endangered mountain gorillas, and the mountain range embraces the ever green and bamboo forest, swamp and heath, open grassland. The name Volcanoes National Park was originated from the chain of dormant volcanoes that makes up the Virunga Massif that includes Mount Gahinga, Sabinyo, Muhabura, Bisoke, and Karisimbi.

Attractions in Volcanoes National Park.

Primate species.

Volcanoes National Park is amazing safari destination on a Rwanda safari that offers the best safari experience. The park is famous with the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys that attracts most of the tourists to Volcanoes National Park. Not only the above primates, the park has other primates that includes Vervet monkey Dent’s monkey, silver monkey and others in the wild. Among the primates the tourists come to the safari destination for gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking on a Rwanda safari.

For both of the safari activities they make the tourists to hike the Virunga mountains in Rwanda like Mount Gahinga, Sabyinyo, Muhabura, Karisimbi, Bisoke where as well offers the chances to tourists to spot various bird species in the park and other animal species.

Virunga Mountains.

Virunga Mountains are among the attractions that makes your hiking safari the most perfect one, with the attractive 5 of 8 Virunga mountains that includes Mount Sabyinyo, Gahinga, Karisimbi, Muhabura, and Bisoke that offers best hiking safari experience. Rwanda has Virunga Mountains in Volcanoes national park that gives opportunities to tourists like spotting diverse of other attractions in the park like twin lakes that is Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera, as well you can observe Lake Kivu the largest fresh water lake in Rwanda and among others that makes your Rwanda safari the most incredible one.

Musanze caves.

Musanze caves are among the major attractions in Volcanoes National Park that makes your Rwanda safari with the best safari memories. The caves are historical significance because they were used as the coronation grounds for kings of Rwanda, on the same location you can spot attractions like the bats and among others.

Bird species.

Volcanoes national park is a birding haven with over 200 bird species that includes the beautiful and colorful bird species ranging from Albertine endemic bird species. The bird species to spot in the park includes African Rwenzori, double collared sunbird, archer’s ground robin, purple-breasted sunbird, Blue-headed sunbird, dusky crimson wing, crested barbet, nirana trogon, bat hawk, white collared silverback, African green broadbill, palm nut vulture, long-crested eagle, handsome Francolin and among many others.

Activities to do in Volcanoes National Park.

Tourists who come to explore Volcanoes National park are provided with the amazing safari activities that includes the following,

Mountain gorilla trekking.

Mountain gorilla trekking is the priority for the tourists. The activity takes place first with a briefing about the rules and regulations to consider while carrying out gorilla trekking in the park. After the briefing you head in the rain forest with the well experienced park guides that gives you the super trekking trails. Gorilla trekking takes about 2 to 8 hours according to the location of the gorillas, along the way you spot the various wildlife while looking for the gorillas. After finding the gorillas the trekkers are given one hour to be with the presence of gorillas as they are watching them play, feed, and groom, taking pictures and videos with them and among others. For the trekkers to see the gorillas on a Rwanda safari they require to buy the gorilla permit each costing USD 1500 for one hour’s interaction from Rwanda Development Board.

Golden monkey trekking.

Golden monkey trekking is another interesting safari activity that takes place in Volcanoes National Park. This is where various tourists come to the jungle to trek the exceptional creatures on a Rwanda safari. The golden monkeys are only spotted in Volcanoes national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. On a Rwanda safari golden monkey trekking costs you USD 100 that is fair than gorilla trekking.

Volcanoes National Park

Golden Monkey Trekking in Volcanoes

Volcano climbing.

Besides the cool wildlife in Volcanoes National Park. Volcanoes National Park harbors 5 mountains over eight of the Virunga ranges. A Rwanda safari can be fully complete after exploring and hiking the top of one of the Volcano that rewards the tourists with the breathtaking views of the Rwanda’s famous rolling hills, Kigali city. And among the 5 mountains Mount Karisimbi is the most hiked volcano and offers the tourists with the charming experience is worthy the hike.

Visiting Musanze caves.

A Rwanda safari can never be complete minus visiting the Musanze caves. On the way going to visit Musanze caves you go with the experienced guides that led you into the caves as they are giving you the mysteries of the caves, their history and among other factors about Rwanda.

Adventurous Hike to Dian Fossey tombs.

Tourists on a Rwanda safari in Volcanoes National Park, during Rwanda gorilla trekking can be done together with a hike to the tomb of late Dian Fossey. The American primatologist that spent her life studying the mountain gorillas. But later was murdered by poachers in 1985, and her grave is nestled between the peaks of Mount Bisoke and Karisimbi near Karisoke research center. The hike through the forest to the tomb takes about 6 hours, and along the way you can spot the animal species like buffalos, elephants, primates like golden monkeys, gorillas and others.

Other safari activities in Volcanoes National Park includes bird watching, guided nature walks, visiting the twin lakes Bulera and Buhondo, cultural tours to Iby’lwacu cultural village.

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