Why Are Gorillas Going Extinct?

Why Are Gorillas Going Extinct? Mountain gorillas are known as the endangered animal species that majorly live in the rainforests, the mountain gorillas are mammals that share 99% DNA with the human beings. Mountain gorillas are found majorly in the three tourism destinations in the entire world in their large numbers that includes Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorillas National Park in Uganda, Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Mountain gorillas can be properly sighted during the mountain gorilla trekking where the tourists on a safari get the unforgettable and best gorilla trekking safari experiences.

Following the population of the mountain gorillas currently they are almost becoming extinct on the 19th century, but due to the formation of the national reserves, national parks, conservancies and the sanctuaries through the conservation efforts that are being put though, at a certain extent the mountain gorillas are still being extinct due to human encroachment, forest degradation, political instability. The following are the ways to how the mountain gorillas are being extinct.

Why are gorillas going extinct?

Bush meat.

Bush meat is among the major reasons to why the mountain gorillas are going extinct. Mountain gorillas are mostly required by the various people as the bush meat as the poachers tend to poach gorillas for the monetary purposes. That is, they tend to sell the gorilla meat to wealthy folks the ones who thinks that taking the gorilla meat is such a blessing. Also at times the mountain gorillas are killed by the traps that are set by other animal species like the antelopes.

Animal trade.

Animal trade is also causing the mountain gorillas to become extinct that is people do poach the gorillas to illegally sell them to rich people that are not even located in the country. These people use the gorillas as the trophies or pets for the private animal keeping that helps the poachers to earn a lot of money after selling these animal species.

Disease outbreak.

Diseases also disrupt the lives of the mountain gorillas especially this led them into losing their lives hence being extinct. For example the outbreak of Ebola greatly affect the gorilla population in the entire world take an example during the year 2002 to 2003 the largest percentage of the gorillas lost their lives due to the outbreak of Ebola that happened in Democratic Republic of Congo. As also during the period of 1994 also the biggest percentage of the gorilla population and the chimpanzees were almost all washed away by the disease outbreak that happened in Gabon. The mountain gorillas are very sensible to diseases that is it is easy for gorillas to be transmitted to diseases with the human beings that’s when doing gorilla trekking its 7 meters away from the gorilla.

Why Are Gorillas Going Extinct?

Why Are Gorillas Going Extinct?

Habitat loss.

Habitat loss is the biggest contributor of the gorilla extinction. This is most of the forests and mountainous areas where the gorillas used to live for a quite long period of time have been disrupted through agricultural use, road construction, commercial logging, and land for settlement as well and among many others. This lives the gorillas in such critical conditions as hardly accepted hence this confuses them and they end up losing their lives and reduce in the numbers.

Medicinal purposes.

Gorillas as well have been extinct because some body parts of the gorillas are believed to have the charms and the magic and so, the traditional local healers do kill the gorillas in order to use some of their body parts into their own charming. And once the mountain gorillas get reduced its very easy for them to become extinct because they have low reproduction system that makes the mountain gorillas to reduce in numbers.

The above are some of the views and reasons that have led to the gorilla extinction in their population in the different safari destinations that is Congo, Rwanda and then Uganda. On your safari to East Africa you will enjoy the extreme and massive gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experience where the tourists spend one hour in gorilla trekking and four hours in gorillas habituation as this offers the tourists the very best gorilla trekking safari that gives tourists the gorilla trekking experience.

On a safari to carry out gorilla trekking, these are the charges that tourists do pay in order to access the gorilla trekking permit in the different safari destinations that is Uganda it is 700 USD, Democratic Republic of Congo is 400 USD and then Rwanda it is 1500 USD.

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