Islands on Lake Bunyonyi

Islands on Lake Bunyonyi : The Switzerland of Africa as it was named this is because of green and thick porched hills that have over 200 bird species that are both migratory and habitants hence good for bird lovers. Such birds include; white-tailed monad, Rey crowned cranes, weaver and African kingfisher among others.

Lake bunyonyi is found in the southwest of Uganda in-between two districts that is kabale and Kisoro next to Rwanda border. As its stated lake bunyonyi is the deepest lake in Uganda to thrill while on Uganda Safaris and the second largest in Africa after Lake Tanganyika. The lake covers an area of 61 kilometers which is found on a surface area of 1,962 meters above sea-level. It also has a depth of 900 meters and about 25meters and 7kilometers wide.

Lake bunyonyi is characterized with 29 islands but with 5 crucial islands tourists tend to visit. Each of the islands have their own history that is attached to it. These include bushara island, bacuranuka island known as `upside down island’, akampene island, kyahugye island and bwana island.


The island is known due to the history attached to it. Due to the curse that was put on the island by an old woman, people call it upside down island.

It all started when the old lady went to the island where he found men preparing a local brew known as `obushera’ locally. The old lady requested the men to give her some of the bushera but they refused and agreed to push her to the mainland which she agreed. One of the men took her to the mainland when the old lady reached the mainland, she cursed the island and it turned down burning the other men who stayed at the island.


This is also known as the punishment island and it’s the smallest of all islands on lake bunyonyi. It has no human settlement because of the various stories attached to it though people now go there to tour the place.

Islands on Lake Bunyonyi

Islands on Lake Bunyonyi

Traditionally when the girl got pregnant without being married, she would be taken to that island and left there as a form of punishment. According to that practice of torturing the young girls which led to the death of very many girls due to the fact that they didn’t get what to eat thus hunger used to kill them.

But due to urbanization girls are no longer taken to that island and with that it’s a worth island to be visited by tourists.


This is an island where a leprosy treatment sanctuary was constructed thus people visit the island to check on the remains of the leprosy hospital

The hospital was begun in 1920s and 1930s by the Scottish missionary with the idea to treat people with leprosy and stigmatized patients were counselled. That’s why it was taken to be a sanctuary.


The island is well for wild animals that are found there. This gives the tourist a wonderful experience by viewing animals such as Antelopes, Waterbucks, impala among others. This gives the tourists a great experience and relaxation


The bushara island is just good for birding while on lake Bunyonyi safari. For tourists that love bird watching the island would be favorable for them.

While at lake bunyonyi tourists can enjoy other interesting activities such as canoeing, boat riding, mountain biking, visiting local people, hiking Uganda safari among others

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