Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi Uganda : Lake Bunyonyi is located in south western Uganda and it’s between Kisoro and Kabale District nearly close to the border of Rwanda. And it is also surrounded by towns like Kyevu and Muka. This lake is about 15 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide and it’s approximately 45 kilometers deep which makes it one of the deepest lakes in Africa. It’s believed that this lake is free from bilharzia which makes swimming safe for Uganda Rwanda Safaris tourists or the neighboring community. The temperature of the water surface raises to almost 25 degrees Celsius.

Is there Fish in Lake Bunyonyi?

In 1930s, fish was introduced to the lake and it became profitable for the community. But later on in 1960s, fish died massively and as a result of a violent shallow mixing that is anticipated to be caused by wind. Common fish that we have in Uganda had difficulties in breeding which let to its death. Later on in 2002, they introduced over 300,000 Nile Tilapia and Clarias Fish to the waters of Lake Bunyonyi but right now we have Mud Fish, Cray Fish, Mirrowcarp and many other species of fish.

Wildings found in the neighboring forests or islands; Impalas, Zebra, Water Bucks, the Kobs and the only Debrasa Monkey.

Islands on Lake Bunyonyi

  1. Akampene/Punishment Island

Swimming skills were very rare and this island was mostly used by Bakiga locals who used to take their daughters that had got pregnant before they were married. They used to live there to die of hunger or drown in water if they wanted to swim. This was an example to the rest of the children in the community.

For the poor Bakiga men who didn’t have cattle for dowry used to pick women from that island to marry them without any payment done to the parents. Lately it’s no longer common but still it’s possible to find girls that are being punished.

  1. Bwama Island

In 1920s, a Scottish missionary who was called Dr. Leonard Sharp came to Uganda and he also started up a sanctuary for people that would come to be treated without being neglected or mistreated for their diseases at Bwama Island in 1931. In the history of Uganda, Bwama Island is technically strong and the buildings are currently used as schools for the island inhibitors.

  1. Bacuranuka Island

This island is also known as the “upside down island”. It’s so happened that over 20 men dies on this island. They were breeding local beer from this island and due to the smell that comes from it, it attracted an old woman who said she wanted a sip from what they were breeding. The men who were breeding refused to give this old woman a sip to take, then she asked them to at least take her back to the mainland and they allowed to do that. The old woman was given a small boy to take her to the mainland. Out of shame, the old woman caused the island and it turned upside down which killed whoever was at that island.

  1. Kyahugye Island

This island is near the mainland that takes only 5 minutes to get there by boat. It also covers over 74 acres in size. This island is covered by a number of tree species and also a wide ship of reeds that spreads the papyrus all over. The natural features found on this island where planted to attract tourists. When you get on the top of the island, you get to see different beautiful things that surround the lake i.e. terraced hillsides, the calm waters, and the neighboring islands. When the weather is clear, you get to see Mt. Muhubura.

Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

Kyahugye Island

  1. Bushara Island

This island gives you a closer look to birds, carry your binoculars and long-lens camera in order to take close adventurous beautiful photographs for the birds and nature. This is the best island for photographs.

What Uganda Safari activities can be done on Lake Bunyonyi?

Lake Bunyonyi is a perfect place to relax. The following activities can make your vacation memorable;

Swimming in the lake

Lake Bunyonyi is free from bilharzia and it also doesn’t have dangerous wildings in water like crocodiles, hippos and many others. This makes it so safe to swim and enjoying. It’s the deepest lake in Uganda to explore while on Uganda wildlife Safaris and the second deepest in Africa in that to swim in it you have to be knowing how to swim or you get an instructor (swimming guide) to help you through the swimming process, Lake Bunyonyi Uganda.

Nature Walks and Hikes

This can be done on the surrounding islands and around the lake shores. The walking can be done at any time and at your pace with the help of the tour guide. The tour guide makes sure you don’t get lost from the forests and he ensures the safety and he also makes sure you don’t miss out anything as programed. When it comes to hiking, it can lead you to small villages and you will get chance to meet local people of the community and others might be found at the islands.

Boat Cruise/Bunyonyi Canoeing

There are over 30 islands on this lake and they are all full of adventurous things on them. You can also see local villages around the lake, forest and the surrounding people. The guide can help you do Dugout Canoeing which is famously done at Lake Bunyonyi and it can take over the whole day doing it because it’s so fun that you don’t want to stop once you start it. At the boat, you get a chance to see some bird species, Lake Bunyonyi Uganda.

Mountain Biking

This is usually done around the lake as you enjoy the beautiful scenery and people/villagers, you get chance to feel the actual beauty of Africa in Uganda. The weather and the temperature are perfectly okay due to the elevation and the bike riding will be so fun and the equatorial sun will not beat you down. This so enjoyable that it can take over the whole day if you want, Lake Bunyonyi Uganda.

Birding at Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi Uganda is a home of over 300 species of birds and the word “Bunyonyi” means “Little Birds”. Uganda Bird watching is always done on a boat cruise and maybe when hiking and nature walking. It can also be done at the islands which are over 30, Lake Bunyonyi Uganda.

Cultural Tours at Bunyonyi

These visits take place at villages or enclosed places like countryside of Batwa Pygmy people who originally came from the forest around Lake Bunyonyi. Lately they fight for survival away from there forest. Visits can be done at local schools, local markets etc where the tourists can be taught how to prepare local food and also test the goodness in it.

Visit Uganda with Lakeside Tours and Travel and get a chance to explore more around Lake Bunyonyi which is Uganda’s deepest lake and a prime destination for most visitors on Uganda Gorilla Safari as its well located near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as Mgahinga Gorilla Park which are well known for Gorilla Safaris.

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