night life in kampala

Night Life in Kampala

Night Life in Kampala : Uganda has a number of cities which include Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, and Fort Portal. Talking about Kampala alone, Night Life in Kampala is the best as the city its well situated in the central part of the country and happens to be the capital of Uganda to explore while on Uganda Safaris Tours. This city collects more people both at night and during the daytime. During the day, the biggest percentage of people are busy working and a few of them are having fun somewhere around Kampala and across the whole country. When it comes to the nightlife, it’s the opposite of the daytime, very many people hang out at night, and a few work at night.

The biggest number of people in Uganda are middle and lower class with a few of them coming from the upper class. Kampala is a major happening place as it collects people from other towns to come to spend their money in this city because of the big population of people hanging out. Uganda Rwanda Safaris guests who get a chance to come for any safari to Uganda, always have their tours in western region, just in case they have more time in Uganda, they can check out the following places with friends to make their night in Uganda wonderful and memorable, Night Life in Kampala.

  • Guvnor Club
Night Life in Kampala

Night Life in Kampala

This is a place for the corporate people in Kampala, Guvnor is like Las Vegas in Uganda. Guvnor is one of the few places that pay an entrance fee at the door before entering. This is done to eliminate a certain group of people who tend to disturb the peace of others with their un serious businesses. As mentioned above, this place is Las Vegas in Uganda where drinks are a bit expensive compared to other hangouts, though compared to Las Vegas, this place is not too congested. This is a must-visit to at least all Uganda Safari tourists because you get to enjoy the local and African music kinds by the best DJs in town. In the club, the whole inside is covered with mirrors, and chrome is smooth and shiny everywhere in the club.

  • The Wine Garage

This is a wine territory for every cocktail fan and wine too. This place has most of the wines across the world, state it and it shall be brought to you to enjoy. This has the following types which include red sweet, white dry, red dry, and white sweet. This place has the best wines from South Africa, America, and Europe, where you can place an order and sit in one of the out seats that are prepared for customers to catch to enjoy the night breeze. Some people from the western part of the world are not familiar with seating outside for drinks but trust me, once you try it, you will never stop craving for it reason being, once you’re outside getting fresh air, it’s very hard for you to get drunk easily, Night Life in Kampala.

  • Club Ambiance Kampala

This is one of Kampala’s finest hangout places in town with very many people have a lot of fun there. This place has two sections which include the VIP section and the ordinary section. This place collects many people on a daily basis and the VIP section is all surrounded by glass mirrors with a higher price for the drinks and eatables. The lights inside the place are deemed just perfect for a night chill after your trip with your friends. Just in case you have moved alone, most hang-out places can be fun and you will get forced to get friends around to enjoy the night.

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