Local food to eat on a Uganda Safari

Local food to eat on a Uganda Safari

Local food to eat on a Uganda Safari : Once you come to Uganda for a Uganda tour, ensure that you test the local food and not only Uganda but even other countries that you visit. Take a look at some of the best local food you can eat while on a Uganda Rwanda Safari tour. These are locally prepared or readily available in Uganda. Many people from different countries across the world come to Uganda and some of them keep coming back because of the tasty foods that are served or made in Uganda. Though besides the local food that is served in Uganda, there are also restaurants that serve other delicious meals from your country if you were worried about that. Some few lodges have also adopted that because of the tourist demand and needs for a particular dish of food.

The following are some of the Local food to eat on a Uganda Safari;

  • Matooke

Matooke is a staple food to a big number of Bantu tribes all over the country but mostly in the central and the western region. It is harvested and sent to towns for city dwellers to consume. All kinds of sauce can be served with it and it can also be cooked before peeling it which is served with muchomo or any grilled kind of meat thus Local food to eat on a Uganda Safari.

  • Luwombo

The luwombo was originally introduced by Kabaka Mwanga’s chef in the Buganda Kingdom way back in the 19th century. The chef was called Kudos, he brought a wonderful meal that was enjoyed and still enjoyed by very many people across the country and tourists too. This can be served with white rice, Matooke, and many more thus Local food to eat on a Uganda Safari.

  • Rolex (rolled eggs)

A rolex is when you fry eggs and wrap them in a chapatti to make a delicious meal to eat at that time of the day. It is quite a uniquely delicious meal that almost every person in Uganda has at least tested from local places around town. While on a Uganda Safari, Ugnada is the only county that has cheap rolex and rolex festivals are organized to promote it more, the festivals are usually organized in Kampala to enjoy the best rolex all over the country.

Local food to eat on a Uganda Safari


  • Katogo

Katogo is a delicious meal that is usually served for breakfast. This is a Matooke mixture, it can be mixed with meat, vegetables, chicken, and many more. This can be served with avocado aside or salads which creates a tasty and beautiful outcome that will keep your day quite interesting with a first-morning breakfast. This was added to the menu because it takes less time to be prepared in order to have a quick meal for breakfast.

  • Posho

Posho is one of the cheapest food for every Ugandan with a tasty feeling. It is made from maize and is harvested almost in every region across Uganda. It’s mostly served with beans and other well-prepared sauce to have along with it. In Uganda, Posho is mostly eaten in Ugandan schools and is served in all local restaurants across the country.

  • Roasted maize

Fresh maize is roasted with medium fire until its ready, once all sides of the maize turn brownish that means it is ready to be eaten at that time of the day. It’s more delicious when it’s still hot, you might be worried to burn your lips but guess what, once you bit it, it will automatically get cold already to give a tasty feeling. Maize is seasonal, it’s not a must that it is always there any time of the year and this is a snack to eat any time of the day thus Local food to eat on a Uganda Safari.

  • Groundnut sauce (Binyebwa)

Some people mistake groundnut sauce with peanut butter, these are totally different. But they can all be eaten and made from groundnuts. Groundnut sauce is one of our local sauces served with Matooke and any other food like sweet potatoes, it can be prepared in katogo and many more.

NOTE: Uganda as a country has over 52 tribes that have almost the same staple food which is harvested on the land of the country. These are some of the local dishes served in our country and are found almost everywhere across the country but are mostly served on the streets of Kampala and many other towns.

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