The Best Safari Tour Packages in Uganda and Rwanda

The Best Safari Tour Packages in Uganda and Rwanda : If you’re searching for the best Uganda Rwanda safaris, look no further than Lakeside Tours and Travel. As one of the most respected safari tour companies in Uganda, we take pride in providing visitors with an authentic Uganda and Rwanda safari experience. The best  Safari Tour packages in Uganda and Rwanda are tailor made or crafted itineraries. Our safari packages include everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable trip without breaking the bank. From lodging to meals to game drives, we cover all the bases so that you can focus on making lasting memories with your loved ones or traveling companions instead of stressing about finding things to do or where to stay.

Here are the Best Safari Tour Packages in Uganda and Rwanda

2 Days Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park, which is in northern Rwanda, has three active volcanoes that are a highlight of any visit. The park offers scenic day hikes, a number of endangered species of birds, plenty of unique vegetation like black ebony tree bark and bamboo forest, plus a truly awe-inspiring natural hot spring area. But be careful as Rwanda Safaris has all kinds of potential wildlife around the park: monitor lizards at night can even jump into your tent! There’s also something called the Coffee Triangle where you can find boutique hotels, plenty more extinct volcanoes to explore and coffee plantations – bring your slippers if you’re not brave enough to climb them!

4 Days Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda is a national park where visitors can trek through the bush in search of gorillas. While the park is known for its gorilla population, it is also home to an abundance of other animal species such as monkeys, Elephants, and black-and-white colobus monkeys. Animals are often spotted during safaris. With about 60% of the area covered in dense forestation, visitors should expect a rugged hiking experience to reach the ultimate destination. But those who make the journey will be rewarded with an unforgettable adventure they’ll never forget. The Park offers many trails that cater to all levels of difficulty, including short and medium distance gorilla treks that offer great scenery or longer treks with overnight camping options. Visitors may explore Gorilla Trekking Trails on their own or under expert guidance from qualified guides who have over 10 years’ experience, The Best Safari Tour Packages in Uganda and Rwanda.

The Best Safari Tour Packages in Uganda and Rwanda

Uganda Gorilla Tours

3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park

This tour begins with a journey on the first morning to Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park is located on the western side of Uganda, bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. Our favorite experience was witnessing a troop of over 100 baboons cross our path as you drive around, The Best Safari Tour Packages in Uganda and Rwanda. Later that day, you can get to see the famous tree-climbing lions in Ishasha sector of the park. The next day will be full of chimpanzee tracking within Kyambura Gorge! You can head out for an early start and then track chimps with the guidance of our professional guides. You’ll learn about how these amazing primates live and interact with each other in their natural habitat before heading back to camp for lunch.

2 Days Murchison Falls National Park

This Uganda Rwanda Safari trip is offered as a tailor-made or customized itinerary. This is tailored to the guest’s request, which enables you to explore a wide range of wildlife, scenery, habitats and natural features at the park. Activities at the park include a full-day walking safari in which we track various animals on foot while observing both bird life (and all other forms of life) along the way; an evening game drive that allows us to view all forms of animal life including rarely seen nocturnal animals such as leopards, bush pigs, and lions; canoeing on picturesque Lake Albert and guided walks through the forested woodland or stroll along open savannah grasslands to the top of the falls.

All these Safari tours are crafted to give a visitor the best safari in Uganda.

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