Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda

Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda : In Uganda, there are many beautiful waterfalls to be found. Some of the top best waterfalls in Uganda are: Murchison Falls, Siipi Falls and Bujagali falls plus Sezibwa waterfall. Each of these waterfalls is unique in its own way, and all of them are sure to leave a lasting impression on Uganda Rwanda Safaris visitors.
Waterfalls in Uganda are a must-see for any safari traveler to Africa. With a wide range of waterfalls located in the country, it is no wonder why this place is so popular.
Waterfalls are one of the many things that make Uganda such a beautiful country. Visitors can find top waterfalls all around the country, but here are best of the best.

Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda

Murchison falls

Murchison Falls, also known as Kabalega Falls, is a waterfall between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert on the Victoria Nile in Uganda. At the top of Murchison Falls, the Nile forces its way through a gap in the rocks, only 7 m (23 ft) wide, and tumbles 43 m (141 ft), before flowing westward into Lake Albert. The outlet of Lake Victoria sends around 300 cubic meters per second of water over the falls, squeezed into a gorge less than 10 m (33 ft) wide.

Samuel Baker and Florence Baker were the first Europeans who definitely sighted them. Baker named them after Roderick Murchison, the President of the Royal Geographical Society. The falls lend their name to the surrounding Murchison Falls National Park. During the regime of Idi Amin in the 1970s, the name was changed to Kabalega Falls, after the Omukama (King) Kabalega of Bunyoro, although this was never legally promulgated. The name reverted to Murchison Falls following the downfall of Amin. It is still sometimes referred to as Kabalega Falls. Murchison falls National park tour is always among the Best Safari Tour Packages in Uganda and Rwanda for example the 3 Days Murchison falls Safari.

Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda

Itanda Falls

Sezibwa falls

The Sezibwa River is a river in Central Uganda, in East Africa. The name is derived from the Luganda phrase “sizibwa kkubo”, which translates into “my path cannot be blocked”.

River Sezibwa is located in the southern central part of Uganda. It starts from the wetlands between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga, west of the Victoria Nile and flows in a general northerly direction to empty into Lake Kyoga. The source of River Sezibwa is located in Buikwe District, near the town of Ngogwe. River Sezibwa enters Lake Kyoga in Kayunga District, near the town of Galilaya. The length of River Sezibwa is approximately 150 kilometres (93 mi) from source to end. Between its source in Buikwe District, but before it enters Kayunga District, the river flows through Mukono District.

The Ssezibwa River is not a natural phenomenon, but the offspring of a pregnant woman called Nakangu, who lived many hundreds of years ago and belonged to the Kibbe (ox) clan. She was expected to give birth to twins, but instead what poured from her womb was a twin river, one that split into two distinct streams around an island immediately below the waterfall. The spirits of Nakangu’s unborn children,  Ssezibwa and Mobeya  each inhabit one of these streams, for which reason it used to be customary for any Muganda passing the river’s source at Namukono, some 20km further east, to throw a handful of grass or stones into the river for good luck. Even today, a thanksgiving sacrifice of barkcloth, beer and a cockerel is made at the river’s source every year, usually led by a Ssalongo (father of twins), Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda

The Sezibwa Falls are approximately 20 miles (32 km), east of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, along the Kampala-Jinja Highway. The site is a Buganda Heritage Site. It is marked with out-span of sharp-edged rocks and the magnificent sound of soothing waters flowing down the steep ridged stones. The Falls are located in Mukono District. The falls are 7 metres (23 ft) high. Rock climbing and bird watching are the main activities at the site. Geologists and other scientists also frequent the site. Wildlife in the surrounding forest includes bush monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and other primates and birds.

Amusingly though, a portion of the Ssezibwa site is run by Church of Uganda (Anglicans), so it is a place for Christians to retreat, and pray and spend some time alone. Water baptism is sometimes done in these waters. All in all, Ssezibwa falls is a serene and beautiful place to visit. The falls are splendid.

 Sipi falls

These are situated in Kapchorwa District66 km from Mbale, en-route to the Forest Exploration Centre and Kapkwata. Sipi falls is a marvelous three-tier water fall springing from Mt Elgon. Tradition has it that the cave used to provide during intertribal wars in the pre-colonial period. It has become a tourist attraction. Several trails in the area allow for exciting day hikes through friendly local villages and beautiful farming country. Seven rock-climbing routes are open at Nagudi rock, half-way between Mbale and Budadiri. The routes are bolted, but climbers must bring their own rock-climbing equipment. Each climber pays a fee to the local Parish treasurer.

The name sipi was derived from the word ‘sep’, a name of a wild banana-like indigenous plant that grows along the banks of the Sipi River. Sep has a translucent green frond with a bolt of crimson rib that resembles a wild banana. It is a medicinal plant, being used for treating measles and fever. The Sipi Falls area is particularly famous for locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee. Bugisu Arabica only grows at an altitude of between 1,600 and 1,900 meters. Coffee tours are organized by guides with knowledge of coffee farming, processing and roasting. Profits from this go towards community projects

Around Sipi Falls, visitors can partake in various activities such as; climbing Mount Elgon, hiking, Uganda bird watching Tours, cave expeditions, cave painting excursions and camping. Hikes around the falls offer stunning views of the Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga, and the slopes of Mount Elgon. Individuals can organize trips through the Uganda Wildlife Authority or local private operators.The falls are surrounded by caves and footways that allow hiking and visitors to see vast banana and coffee plantations around the waterways and interact with the local communities of the Bagisu and Sabiny People.

The climate in this area is cool since it’s a hilly area and sometimes as individuals are hiking there are rains, which makes hiking a bit hard but it is also an experience of its own, generally it is a place available for chilling, loosening up and relaxing from the congestion around cities. The nearby communities have hospitable people and majorly the Sabiny and Bagishu live around this area and do farming such as growing of Arabica coffee which is the major cash crop in this land, this coffee is grown on altitudes between 1600metres and 1900metres above sea level. While there individuals can engage in visiting these plantations, these visits can be organized by local guides in the area. There are no worries of where to stay or how much to pay and all other things because all types of accommodation are available for you while in Sipi such as the luxurious lodges, mid-range hotels and budget hotels and also campsites are available for those interested in camping, Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda

Aruu Falls

The Aruu Falls are located in northern Uganda within Pader District about 4 and half kilometers from the Pader-Kitgum highway. It is approximately 47 kms from Gulu and 57 kms from Kitgum and about 386 kms from Kampala. On Agagura town just after Aswa bridge, the spectacular Aruu falls are about 15 minutes’ drive on dusty road. The waterfalls are located in the middle of a forested area and the surrounding area is occupied by the Acholi and Langi people who are mainly farmers. The beautiful cascading Aruu waterfalls are among the hiden treasures worth seeing on your trip in Uganda. They are not a commonly visited site though they make a perfect stopover or day trip site for anyone on Safari from Kidepo National Park or to Murchison Falls National Park and vice versa.

You may enjoy a picnic lunch on one of the large rocks at the bottom of the falls as you enjoy the cool breeze. There are nature walks around the falls to even to the nearby communities and these are led by local guides who offer tourists an opportunity to meet and interact with some of the local people, visit their villages and see their traditional homesteads. There is a local market supplied with fresh produces from the local’s farms. Tourist can buy and eat some of the fresh fruits. Also those interested in buying a souvenir like some pieces crafted art works, this will be the perfect place to visit. The waterfalls offer a very beautiful background for photographs and video recording. You will see several water birds species around these waterfalls and these include: African wagtail, red bishops, weaver birds, hornbills, Egyptian goose, stonechat, Secretary Bird and the eastern grey plantain eater.

Tourists can also do rock climbing and swimming however be warned that the rocks are very slippery to climb and these activities at your own risk. Aruu falls area has a forested area and has some primates like Vervet Monkeys to watch out for.

The Aruu falls and nearby campsites are not much developed but just nice for a day visit. At Aruu falls, there are two campsites one of the two has basic rooms where visitors can spend the night or you can pitch the tent and camp for a night but you should not expect perfect/good service. For descent and nice accommodation, consider staying in Kitgum town at places like  Fugley’s Guest House, Kitgum Royal Hotel, Bomah hotel, Acaki Lodge and Pleasant lodge or  in Gulu town at Dich Comfort Hotel, Churchill Courts Hotel, Bomah hotel Gulu, Acholi Inn, Jojo’s Palace Annex, Hotel Aluku Deluxe, and many others, Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda

Itanda Falls

The Itanda Falls are rapids on the White Nile river in Uganda. It is found about 27km from Jinja and a drive takes about 45 minutes. They are a challenge for kayakers, being graded at the highest level of difficulty. The falls are mainly known for white water rafting. Just a short distance from Bujagali the Nile fiercely breaks into the roaring Itanda falls. The falls are such a wonderful and almost a scary sight. Back in the day, all the attention on the Nile in Jinja used to be focused on the Source of the Nile and Bujagali falls but since the Bujagali falls are no more, since the construction of the dam and power station. It is mostly people who want Kayaking and white water rafting adventures who have come to enjoy the Itanda falls. Standing close but not too close to the side, the waters gush by you with a powerful force, and the sound of the rushing river can be heard from a few miles away.

Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda

Itanda Falls

The falls have three levels of rapids which go up from grade 1 to 6. Kayakers and rafters need to be mindful of these levels. Itanda falls is still an un-spoilt area, because not many tourists visit it. The place is still non- commercialized and is considered a sacred site by the locals in the area. In the middle of the falls there are islands which would make for a beautiful relaxation spot along the Nile, if only there was a way to access them. Hopefully access to those islands will be discovered or created soon, because it has a lot of potential as a tourist spot.

Kisiizi Falls

The beautiful Kisiizi Falls is situated in Rukungiri District in South Western Uganda in the Kigezi Highlands. They lie on Kyabamba River a few meters from Kisiizi Hospital in Rukungiri district which borders with Kabale. These falls are about 27 meters high dropping water into a gorge continuing the flow of the River. The falls can be found a short walk from the village of Kisiizi, perhaps best known for its hospital and hydroelectric dam project that was completed in 2008 and powers the hospital and other local services. In fact, the dam provides the hospital with the most reliable source of electricity in the whole of Uganda.

Kisiizi changed from a place of darkness and despair where unmarried pregnant girls were thrown over the fall by their family to a place of light and hope and healing today.  The 3-dimensional sculpture illustrates the story with the coming of the Church of Uganda hospital in 1958 and captures the joy of a mother with her child supported by one of the nursing staff.  A unique work of art, a moving and beautiful story is told, Top Best Waterfalls In Uganda.

Visitors to the Kisiizi falls are met by mist from the falls at least 100 meters away, indicating that you are approaching the beautiful sight with a sad cultural history according to me. You can visit these falls while on your longer Uganda safaris Tours like the Uganda gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, birding tours or cultural experiences. Alternatively you can plan a trip just to Kisiizi falls while in the area. In addition to the high-altitude high-adrenaline SkyTrail 3-stage zipline there is a mini-zipline for small children. Those visiting can also take in the spectacular wildlife, not least its magnificent array of birds that can be seen around the falls including the Arrow-marked Babbler, the Ross Turaco, Sacred Ibis and Double-Toothed Barbet. There is a resident pair of crowned cranes that is now raising a new chick on the meadow area near to the Kisiizi Falls lagoon These falls can be encountered while on 11 days gorilla and wildlife safari

Mahoma and Nyamiska Falls in Fort portal

Mahoma Falls is next to Lake Mwamba and is located in Kabarole District, Western Region, Uganda. Enjoy an eco-friendly nature walk/hike to the scenic and spectacular Mahoma falls where you can take a power shower at the falls. With its picturesque quality, the falls give an awesome backdrop that will be the setting for impressive photography and even more epic memories. After a two-hour walk, visiting at least three crater lakes, standing under the splashing cool waters of Mahoma Falls is welcome and refreshing to thrill while on Uganda Tours

The Mahoma Falls tour is incredible and not to be missed from views of the crater lakes as you walk through homesteads or the sounds of the water falling and splashing onto the rocks below, to the feel of the water falling hard on your back providing an “African Hydrotherapy Massage”.  The price for EAC National is 30,000 per person.

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