Kampala City Tours

 Kampala City Tours : Kampala is known to be the capital city of Uganda with friendly people with different languages and cultures. Kampala city tour is the exciting and fascinating Uganda safari moments that should not lack on your bucket list. This is the best way for the travelers to engage in and learn the country’s origins and cultures around it.

Kampala is located in central region of Uganda, bordered by Lake Victoria the largest fresh water body in Africa and source of River Nile. Kampala city is the most development town in Uganda surrounded by about 7 hills that make the city clean. Kampala has very many interesting places that can attract visitors to come and have a fabulous stay in the city.

 Kampala City Tours.

Uganda Museum.

Uganda Museum was started in 1908, after governor George Wilson called for all articles of interest on Uganda. It’s known to be the oldest museum in the whole of East Africa. The Uganda museum is a collection of traditional culture and Uganda music with all kinds of music archaeology, history, science and natural history. Excavations, archaeology and paleontological surveys were conducted by Churchill, E J Wayland, and P L Shinnie among others. These collected a number of art craft to improve on the museum. Collections in the Uganda museum are playable musical instruments, hunting tools, weapons to mention but a few.

Cultural village

This is found at the back of the uganda museum were huts are being located for tourists who want to know more about traditional ways of people, an array of cultural material such as milk pots made from wood( ebyanzi) ,gourd vessels, basketry, beadwork, horn, ceramics, cutlery, leather works among others. Houses include Bamba, Bunyoro, hima, ankole and kigezi houses representing the western tradition.

From the eastern region, Busoga, Jopadhola, bugisu, teso and Karamojong houses. The bagisu house is dotted with circumcision tools such as knives and headgears among others. Then the teso has the calabashes used for brewing and drinking malwa a popular local brew.

The Baganda house basically represent the people from central. This has backcloth, drums, and baskets for luwombo, hunting nets, wooden sandals known as emikalabanda and omweso game a popular activity amongst them.s

Other houses such as Acholi, lango, alur and Madi all from the north. These contain arrows and bows basically for protection and hunting purposes. So with such tourists can enjoy their travel around the Uganda museum as they get to learn different cultures and feel impressed with Uganda’s cultures on a Kampala city tour.

Kasubi Tombs.

Kasubi tombs is a destination on Kampala city tour where you get cultural knowledge about Buganda kingdom and their kings, it’s a burial place for the Kabaka’s of the Buganda region. It was recognized by the UNESCO in December 2001 as the world heritage site of local and international importance in the regions of sub-Saharan Africa. This was because of the nature of construction where they used plant materials.

So far only 4 kings have been buried at this place on the house called MUZIBU AZAALA MPANGA, which was constructed in a circular shape in 1882. Other members of the royal family have also been buried and can always be buried in that site. The Kasubi tombs generally represent a place where communication channels with the spiritual world are maintained with the royal family. This is an attractive destination that should not be left un explored on Kampala city tour.

 Kampala City Tours

Kasubi Tombs

 Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo.

Uganda Martyrs Shrine started in 1967 at Namugongo and finished on 3rd of June in 1975. It basically took 8 years to be accomplished. Namugongo shrine was opened by Papal envoy, his eminence cardinal pignedoli. Between 1885 and 1887, where 32 men were killed to death for their refusal to denounce Christianity. 22 men were killed by Mwanga and 13 of 22 were burnt to death and 2 more were speared to death in panol, Gulu in the north on October 1918,  Kampala City Tours

According to history, Uganda receives a lot of pilgrims from worldwide on 3rd June every year to celebrate martyrs’ day and this attracts many visitors over the years. Therefore, people who come to visit Namugongo can use road transport by foot from different home areas which is a good experience to the shrine.

Namirembe Cathedral.

Namirembe Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in Uganda and it’s located on Namirembe hill. Formerly known as the St. Paul’s cathedral. Namirembe cathedral is such interesting and nice looking with better views where you can get the best spot of Kampala city.

 Bahai Temple.

This is known to be the oldest and mother temple to be built in the African continent in 1958. It’s located on Kikaya hill known as the worshipping God. It’s thrilling nine-sided silhouette surrounded with the serene cool environment, with the beautiful landscape. The Baha’s temple is surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees that attract different bird species that make the place very attractive. The architectural design of the temple, its environment and its history make it worthy to be visited.

Gadhafi Mosque.

Gaddafi Mosque is known as the largest mosque in Uganda. The mosque started long time ago but was later finished by Muammar Colonel Gadhafi in 2007 as a gift to Uganda and for the Muslim faith benefit. The mosque gives the tourists the magnificent views of the city.

Ndere Cultural Centre.

Due to the reports in 2019 by the United Nations, Uganda was credited for being the most cultural diversity in the world. Ndere was founded in 1986 with the objective of promoting cultural activities among which includes performing arts, music, dance, storytelling and poetry. On Kampala city tour, tourists get the chance encounter with vast number of opportunities where tourists can have the opportunity to get learn how to cook local dishes, dances, songs and among others done by Ndere trouple. Ndere center basically represents over 60 groups of people and over 30 languages. Performance’s take place every Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 pm as well as Sundays at 6:00pm. So with such visitors can tour the site to watch the music and dances of different Ugandan tribes.

Kabaka’s lake.

Kabaka’s lake is the major attraction on Kampala city tour. This is the biggest man-made lake in entire East Africa that is 200 feet in depth. The lake is located in Ndeeba, and it was constructed by Kabaka Mwanga during the period between 1884 to 1888. Tourists who explore the destination on Kampala city tour can have the best Uganda safari tour moments on a city tour.

Independence Monument.

Independence monument was set up during the period when Uganda gained her independence. That was 9th October 1962.This is the great destination to explore on Kampala city tour as the tourists enjoy taking the pictures for the safari memories of the monument. Independence monument is located in the center of Kampala city it’s near Sheraton hotel,  Kampala City Tours.

 Kampala City Tours

Independence Monument

Parliament of republic of Uganda.

On Kampala city tour is the most exceptional Uganda safari destination to visit on the city tour. Parliament is located at the parliament avenue in Kampala city. This destination is best explored when you prepare early enough and make the appointment before the safari date. On parliament of republic of Uganda before entering you are reminded about the security alert that will check you before entering.

Kampala city tours becomes charming if you consider to travel with Lakeside tours and travel limited this will make your Uganda safari moments around Kampala city the most excellent one, here you will not get disappointed.

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