Mabamba swamp safaris

Mabamba Swamp Safaris

Mabamba swamp Safaris take you to the swamp which is located in west of Entebbe on the northern shore of lake Victoria covering 2424 hectors with very thick marshes of papyrus, water lilies and wetland grasses. This is a marsh wetlands birding site that shelters over 300 species of birds and famous for shoebill which makes Uganda be the top country for that activity. The swamp is a Ramsar site and Important Bird Area.
Some of the bird species include; globally threatened species, 7 of Uganda’s 12 Lake Victoria biome restricted species, plenty of wetland species, huge flocks of Palearctic migrants that only appear from October to March and many others. Take Uganda Rwanda Safaris to visit this site.

Shoebill in Mabamba Swamp

Mabamba swamp is the most accessible and reliable swamp with the possibility of seeing Shoebill that are most famously found in Uganda and maybe the whole of Africa. It is rich with lungfish (mamba) which is the favorite foods for the shoebill. The lungfish also hides itself in the shoebill feeds from being eaten by the shoebill, Mabamba Swamp Safaris.
When it comes to fishing, fishermen usually use this swap to capture some fish and it’s believed that once they go to the swamp for a hunt and they catch the shoebill in their fishing nests that its bad luck for them. And it was also a bad sign for a fisherman to see a shoebill when his set off to fish in the swamp because fish is there favorite food, Mabamba Swamp Safaris

Decline in shoebills due to being hunted and killed by the fishermen because they caused less or no lungfish. Later on in 2006, protection was put upon the shoebills but somehow Uganda bird watching on this wetland brought in some hope to the community members and the fishermen. Their boats were rented out by bird watchers which made money from it and some fishermen would guide them through the birding because they were trained on how to guide. It led them to be protective to them as well which led peace to in nature. The best time to see the shoebill is very early in the morning because they be looking out for fish to eat, Mabamba Swamp Safaris.

Mabamba Swamp Safaris

ShoeBil Stork

Other birds found in the swamp;

African Fish Eagle, Purple Swamphe, African Jacana, African Green Pigeon, African Marsh Harrier, Black Crake, African Pigmy Goose, Black Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron, Blue Swallow, Common Moorhen, Common Sandpiper, Yellow-billed Duck, Pied Kingfisher, Double Toothed Barbet, Glossy Ibis, White-winged Tern, Little Egret, Little Stilt and many others.

Birding in Mabamba Wetlands.

Birding can be done by boat to be guided by a tour guide and you get a chance to see the shoebill and its side there are some shoebills that look older that the other ones and they only move out very early in the morning to look for what to eat. You get to see most of the bird species in this swamp and there way of behavior. It takes 4 hours and it’s prepared daily. It can also take the whole day when requested and is more fun in a period from September and March.

Other activities are done at Mabamba Swamp

Watching butterflies
Mabamba wetlands have over 250 species of butterflies that always catch tourists’ attention when they go birding. Common species, we have Bicyclus Sebetus, Acraea Consanquine, Acraea Agranice, Achaea Aurivilli, and Abisaraneavei, and so on.

Spot fishing
Fishing was the main activity at Mabamba Swamp before tourists picked interest in the nature around this place. Though it’s still the main economic activity and the fish species namely; Lungfish, Mudfish, Tilapia and the Large Nile Perch Fish. There are plenty of fishermen registered as fishermen who still do it for a living, Mabamba Swamp Safaris

Spotting the Sitatunga Antelope
These antelopes are usually seen on a Uganda bird-watching tour in Mabamba Wetlands. The number of these antelopes has reduced lately because the poaching is no longer controlled and there exposed after burning down their hiding places. The government and other wildlife conservationists are willing to protect them from the community because they are taking away their lives, Mabamba Swamp Uganda Safaris.

This takes a little longer because you get to spot more birds, you can go fishing in the lake or even the swamp, and also tour the nearby islands of Lake Victoria. It’s advisable to go with life jackets that should be provided by the boat owner or the tour guide.
Village walks and visiting craft shops
These walks are guided by village leaders or guides that help out to meet different people who stay near the swamp. It helps you interact with them and get to know their way of living and many of them practice subsistence farming. You also get a chance to see different crafting things made by Ugandans and maybe buy them or even tell their friends and relatives about the good things done in our country. Practice cultural dances and maybe participate too. The swamp provides herbs and building materials for local huts.
Visiting other places in Entebbe
Entebbe might be seen as a small town but it has many beautiful places to visit apart from Mabamba Swamp. These include Lake Victoria beaches, Uganda Wildlife Education Center (zoo), malls like Victoria mall and many others.

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