The Big 5 Animals

The Big 5 Animals: This was a term punched in the 1800s by trophy hunters due to the fact that it was challenging and dangerous to hunt these animals on foot. These include lion, African buffalo, leopard, African elephant, and rhinoceros. Currently, the term is famous with Uganda safari travelers. The African big 5 are all present in Uganda and can be observed in all savanna vegetation. Still today the Big 5 Animals are still hunted in areas where legal game hunting is a big market.

The international union for the conservation of nature considers the African lion, leopard and elephant to be vulnerable and hence need help to survive extermination.

The western black rhino was lost in 2011 due to poaching in search of horns. The last male northern white rhino passed on in 2018 leaving behind only 2 females. Therefore, conservation efforts have helped to keep white rhinos alive in the heavily protected Ziwa rhino sanctuary

It’s estimated that less than 468 lions remain in Uganda to thrill while on Uganda Safaris and leopards reduced in lake Mburo national park and it’s estimated to be 26 to 30.


The lions commonly known as the king of the beasts which signifies royalty, strength and braveness

In Uganda while on Uganda Safaris,  lions are mainly found in savanna parks. These include Murchison falls national park, queen Elizabeth national park and Kidepo national park.

Majorly in queen Elizabeth national park the lions are found in ishasha sector. These have a distinctive character of climbing trees and hence getting the name of Ishasha tree climbing lions.

Such animals make tourists to come and see how the lions are able to climb trees and this becomes a must on their Uganda wildlife Safari 


The elephant is taken to be the largest animal amongst the Big 5 Animals in the whole world. Its intelligent and entertaining to view on a safari game drive

The African elephant happens to be in all national game parks except lake Mburo national park. These are mostly found in queen Elizabeth national park , Kidepo national park and Murchison falls national park

In order to view the elephants properly one can decide to get a boat safari on the Nile on Murchison falls and one at kazinga channel in queen Elizabeth national park to view the gentle giants gracefully passing through the waters in big flock.

A grown male elephant weighs 6300 kilograms and a small adult male is 4000 kilograms. For females are usually half the weight of the male elephants

The Big 5 Animals

The African Elephant


The leopard is the smallest of all the Big 5 Animals and its always on the move. Leopards are cunning and hard animals to locate. these spend most of the day time hours hidden and these kill large cats to eat them alone in peace such as antelopes, zebras among others

These are found in all national parks and forest reserves. On a safari leopards can be viewed in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Kidepo valley, lake Mburo, toro-semliki reserve and Mount Elgon national park.


The word rhinoceros is a Greek word where rhino means nose and ceros meaning horn. The rhinoceros is commonly called the rhino and it’s characterized with horned snouts.

These are known for their heavy bodies, stumpy legs and either two or one dermal horns. They are also known for having poor eyesight but their sense of hearing and smell are good.

In uganda the surving species are protected in Ziwa rhino sanctuary and the wildlife center in Entebbe.


It’s among the most dangerous animals especially if wounded. The African buffalo are big, toed ungulates with stocky build and heavy horns. the horns are found on either male or female and are not toothed.

Buffaloes can be observed in almost all national parks in Uganda and large forests

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