Uganda Birding Safaris Tours

Uganda Birding Safaris Tours : Uganda is well blessed with a variety of bird species and this makes it the best birding destination in the whole world. Bird species total up to 1,061 in Uganda and these can be seen in queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, lake Mburo national park, Murchison falls National Park, semliki National Park and Mabaambaisland.

Some of the birds include yellow-eyed black flycatcher, kivu ground thrush, strange weaver, dwarf kingfisher, brown-backed scrub-robin, brown twin sport, crowned eagle, dusky long-tailed cuckoo, fire-crested Alethe among others


The pitta is one of the scarce birds. This makes birding so tricky and the results may not be rewarding as expected. Even when planning is made, viewing the green-breasted pitta is by chance but with luck a tourist may get a chance of viewing it.


A shoe bill is mostly on the top of the birding list trips in Uganda. A shoebill sometimes known as the whale-headed stork is large and long-legged wading bird. Its also not a common bird and it’s found in the swamps and shores of lakes and rivers. The shoe bill is an amazing bird to observe while stalking its prey, Uganda Birding Safaris Tours


The broadbill is found in Bwindi national park and it always prefers an altitude of 1500-3500 meters above sea level. The green broadbill is viewed in ruhija birding trail found in the eastern part of the forest. The bird is green in colour and tiny which makes it hard for the bird watchers to see it. So, with that it can only be identified by the voice. This bird is specifically found in the eastern part of Bwindi impenetrable forest in Mubwindi swamp. The best time to view the green board bill is usually late May to early October when they are breeding.


The great blue turaco falls in the category of Cuculiformes and are mostly hunted for their feathers and meat. It’s the biggest among the musophagidae family. These can be spotted in Bigodi wetlands and other swamps.

Uganda Birding Safaris Tours



The standard-winged night jar is identified by the central flight feathers and these appear in the breeding season. These stretch up to 38cm long. They are majorly found in Murchison falls national park and are available in different times of the year.


The Doherty’s bush shrike belongs to malaconotidae family with the striking colour, medium size while adults are green in colour with a bright red forehead with the throat, Uganda Birding Safaris Tours


The bar-tailed trogon stretches up to 28cm long with yellow bill and feet. These are in medium size and range in high elevation areas. These also belong to trogonidae family.


This falls in the lybiidae family and its among the most searched bird by birders on a Ugandan safari. This breeds in conflicted areas of the region.


Its also known to be one of the unique birds to look out on a safari. These are basically found in the mountain and volcanoes especially along the Albertine rift valley in areas bordering Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.


The short-tailed warblers are small in sizes of 10 and 11cm and weigh about 11.3 kilograms. These mostly live in forest undergrowth in Uganda and also in Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo.

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