Is Uganda Worth Visiting

Is Uganda Worth Visiting : Although Uganda is a land locked country but its naturally blessed with a variety of scenic places and good weather which makes it a very nice place to tour.  The country has a stunning landscape such as the tallest mountain range, the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountain, the largest lake with freshwaters that is Lake Victoria, the river Nile that starts from jinja to the Mediterranean Sea among others. Uganda is also rich in flora and fauna which makes it a beautiful country.

Due to her natural beauty, wonders and welcoming people according to Churchill in his book ‘my African journey’ it concluded by reviling how Uganda is the pearl of Africa in the year 1908. He still emphasized this when he talked of the color bird species, reptiles, insects, beasts, mammals and vegetation.

When he viewed all this, he called it a fairy tale with a unique environment and average climate due to the country’s location at the equator. Words can’t define the country but one needs to view it with their own eyes.

Uganda is blessed with a biodiverse flora and fauna which is known for the natural wonders and amazing people. Whereas most of Uganda’s natural resources are still un touched, this is seen from a collection of habitats, vegetation from savanna and acacia woodlands, tropical forest, riparian forest among others which all are habitants of wildlife, primates and bird species.

Uganda’s closeness to the equator gives it a good biological and physical flora and fauna. With its consistent hot climate and same temperatures through the year which can be affected by variations in altitude through the country, Is Uganda Worth Visiting.

Uganda is also known for having about 11%of the worlds bird species. With such the visitor can enjoy birding immediately after stepping on the airport. Uganda has over 1060 bird species that make it a bird haven.

Uganda with a percentage of 54 mountain gorillas in the world. As the census reports that there are 880 mountain gorilla’s world wide and also 50% is found in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park.

Is Uganda Worth Visiting

Is Uganda Worth Visiting

The beautiful source of the Nile, which is commonly known as the longest river in the world and it flows from Lake Victoria the second largest tropical fresh water in the world. His is really something amazing that one wouldn’t like to miss while on a safari to Uganda.


This is a frequently asked question by various people who would wish to travel to the country but yes Uganda is a very beautiful country. As uganda was named the pearl of Africa by Churchill Winston this honestly speaks for its self.

With beautiful and amazing attractions such as the high mountains, amazing waterfalls, and national parks. The gorgeous forests, lakes and rivers among others which need to be adventured by the tourists, Is Uganda Worth Visiting

The Uganda culture which is interesting to listen too and watch their cultural dances is really amazing. Uganda has almost 50 tribes and their people are welcoming. Besides the forests and primates that need to be viewed, even these people need to be visited such as the Batwa people in kasese, the people of Toro and also the Baganda among others. The different cultural dances at the Ndere culture center gives you the opportunity to enjoy Uganda, Is Uganda Worth Visiting


Uganda is really good and safe for tourists. The good climate that is experienced in the country makes it worthy for a visit.

The political stability also makes it worth while for the tourists to enjoy the country in peace. As said earlier as long as the crested crane is still standing on one leg which means Uganda is still at peace. This really makes it amazing for the tourists to travel.

To those that need to travel to Uganda a visa is a necessary requirement that is needed plus a passport with a validity of up to 6 months. But all in all Uganda is a beautiful country that is rewarding in terms of various Uganda safari destinations

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